Monday, August 15, 2016

Japonesque Velvet Touch Eyeshadow and Velvet Touch Face Palettes

Hi beauties! Hope all is well with you! I'm excited to share with you today's blog post, which will be about Japonesque new Velvet Touch Eyeshadow and Face Palettes. I have never tried Japonesque products before, but have heard a lot of great reviews about the brand, so I was so curious to try out the palettes. These palettes will be available in the last week of August. I was reached out by Japonesque representative, who asked if I'll be interested in trying them out before the official launch date. I couldn't miss the opportunity and responded immediately with "YES, PLEASE!" 
When I got my hands on palettes, first thing that drew my attention was high quality packaging. Their magnetic palettes were sturdy and convenient, eyeshadows are well secured and seem safe from shattering. After swatching the palettes, I was very impressed with the quality of products, so I decided to sit down and film my whole experience, by sharing my first impression review, demonstrating each shade and creating a look using the palettes. I was not asked to do the video or the review, nor was paid or sponsored to write this post, thus the review reflects my honest opinion.
Let's begin!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Snapchat Dog Filter Tutorial

Hello Lovelies! Hope you are doing well!
Do you use Snapchat? It is a social media tool where you can share moments from your day which your friends can watch for the next 24 hours and then it expires. I like how the Snapchat content can be spontaneous and fun, but most of all, my favorite part about it is filters! I love how with filters you can become someone else, put a quick makeup on or even puke rainbows! Follow me on snapchat (username delia_bc, snapcode is on this blog's home page), where I do makeup unboxing, extended reviews of products with follow ups, share my tips and tricks, as well as post some glimpses from my everyday life. Since I loved the filters, I decided to collaborate with one of my IpsyOS friends to do a snapchat filter tutorial on my Youtube channel. I picked out one of the most used filters, which is a dog filter to recreate!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Celebrity Transformations: Rihanna, Kerry Washington and Selena Gomez

Hello Beautiful people! When I posted my Kardashians Makeup transformations, I received a lot of positive feedback, as well as my most recent transformation inspired by Saoirse Ronan. Thus I thought, since you all really like seeing these transformations, I'd do a couple more. I'm going to share all of them right here in this post. Let's begin!
My first transformation is one of my favorites. It's inspired by Rihanna's makeup that she wore to this years Billboard Music Awards last weekend. My features are very different from Rihanna's so in the photo below I edited my eye color to match to hers, perhaps this would make the merge effect of two faces smoother.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Spring/Summer Skincare Routine + Derma E Review

Hello Beauties!!! I received an email a few weeks ago to write a post about my Springtime skin care routine. Well, if you follow me on Snapchat, you already know I am a big skincare geek (if you don't, add me: delia_bc). I always try out new products, give my extended review throughout the weeks and share my favorites all the time. Today I decided to write about my Spring/Summer skin care routine and also review few of the items that I am currently using. It is going to be one long post, so buckle up.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Saoirse Ronan Oscars 2016 Inspired Look

Hello Beauties! In today's post I decided to share one of the looks that I fell in love with after recreating it. It is a look of Saoirse Ronan from the Red Carpet of this year's Academy Awards. It is a beautiful olive green smokey eye paired with nude lips. The skin looks fresh and dewyy, and attention of the look is mainly on the eyes. Here is how it looks.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

AVON True Color Perfectly Matte Lipsticks

Hi dears! Sorry, I've been little away the past month, I'm now back! This blog is my "home base", this is where I started my beauty journey, so it's really dear to me and every single one of you who read it are very valuable and I appreciate you so much. It's good to be back and now, let's get to the business!
Today I'm going to present lip swatches of Avon true color perfectly matte lipsticks line, which consists of 12 shades. The shades are beautiful, some of them are super matte, whereas some seem to have little shine, but quite unnoticeable. However, unlike other matte lipsticks I own, these glide so smoothly and do not dry out my lips.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Arabic Style Double Cut Crease Look + Motives Gem Sparkles Review

Hello Beauties, hope you are doing well! Today I want to share with you a beautiful look which has so many names! Some call it negative space cut crease, some call it double cut crease, some say it's Arabic cut crease, so I went ahead and combined the two: Arabic Style Double Cut Crease Look. I've seen how this particular look has been trending on social media outlets, mainly Instagram, and I actually saw this look first at Tamanna Roashan's Instagram page (@DressYourFace). I always wanted to recreate it, but once I did, I remembered, 3 years ago I already posted this makeup style with steps on my blog, under the name Inverse Cut Crease. I am NOT saying I invented this look, but it felt kind of cool that I was ahead of trends, first with my eyebrow filling tutorials, then ombre lip ideas and now this cut crease! Can I say I'm a trendsetter? No? Ok...
Well, here is how the double cut crease look turned out: