Saturday, October 7, 2017

NYX Cosmetics Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipsticks Swatches

Hello beautiful people! Today's post is going to be short, since all I have to talk about is new NYX cosmetics Luv Out Loud Liquid Lipsticks.
NYX cosmetics came out with 6 beautiful shades that represent 6 qualities of beautiful people: brave, fearless, brilliant, confident, extraordinary and passionate. Which one do you relate to the most? Well, word-wise, personally, I'd go with passionate. Color-wise, I'm torn between brilliant and brave. I mean, look at all these amazing shades:

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pur Cosmetics Soiree Diaries and Contour Diaries Palettes | Swatches, Review & Demo

Hi beauties! Hope all is well with you. The past few days have been challenging for us Houstonians because of the disaster the city has faced due to hurricane Harvey. However, it has brought all the people together in unimaginable ways, showing the world how people of different races, ages, genders and religions standing shoulder by shoulder, helping one another to get through hardships one day at a time. #HoustonStrong !

In today's post I've prepared a thorough review of new PUR cosmetics palettes: Soiree Diaries eyeshadow palette and Contour Diaries ultra matte contour kit.

When I first received these palettes, the packaging caught my attention right away. It was a beauty blogger's dream: marble patterns on the outer packaging and on actual packaging of the palettes too! I mean, how more beautiful it can get?

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Banish Acne Scars Review | My Acne Scars Battle

Hi lovelies! Today's post is going to be about my battle with post hormonal acne scars and dark spots. Let's get right into it.
When I had my baby hormonal changes in my body really affected my skin. During breastfeeding my daughter and later weaning her off, my skin kept getting horrible hormonal acne. Just a back story for you if you haven't read my acne story, I have a very long history of fighting with acne, and just when I thought I have finally cleared up my skin, adult acne ruins it once again. One habit I'm still fighting is, unfortunately, I can't stand a sight of a pimple, and I feel like whenever I pop it, it goes away faster. Well, it does go away faster, if you pop the pimple the right way (by steaming face, with clean hands), but if not, then it might get infected or leave horrible scars on the skin. Let's say I had few of those moments, when my hands just casually ran through my skin and pulled off a couple of pimples. Few months down the road, here I am on the table of aesthetician/cosmetologist, begging her to do something with my skin, so it would look decent again. Aesthetician's first recommendation was: stop touching the face! That wasn't a surprise for me, but her next recommendation of getting microdermabrasion peelings for the first 6-8 sessions, then doing additional procedures to clear the skin, all of which would sum up to about $1500 was something I did not expect. I thought I'd leave home with bunch of masks and prescription skincare, but unfortunately, I left her office feeling hopeless, since I wouldn't be able to invest so much money to go through all those procedures anytime soon and continued to hid behind makeup.
Until one day, Daisy, creator of Banish Acne Scars reached out to me telling about her skincare line she created specifically to treat acne scars/spots. She offered to send me a starter kit and see how it affects my skin. I gladly accepted her offer, since I had no other options that were making my skin better. And this is what I received:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Jouer Rose Gold Spring 2017 Collection

Here I am, once again, with another Jouer collection (*singing like Kelly Clarkson*, *i wish, because I can't sing*, *but no, I meant the music tune, not the voice*, *ok, let's start this post*).
Hello, my beautiful readers! Today's post is about a recent exciting launch from Jouer cosmetics - their Spring 2017 Rose Gold Collection. Before I start, I have an exciting news!! I recently upgraded my camera! Woohoo! I still have a lot to learn about it, but the photo of Jouer's Rose gold collection palette is pretty much the first product shot I took using my new camera, which also reflects in the photo.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Pixi Beauty #Pixipretties Collection

Hi lovelies! I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, but I wanted to make sure that I test all the products well and write a thorough, honest review, which is going to be straight to the point and easy for you to decide if you want this product or not.
From the title you have probably guessed that this post is going to be about Pixi by Petra "Pixi Pretties" collaboration with some of the biggest beauty influencers: Maryam Maquillage, ItsJudytime, Aspyn Ovard and Caroline Hirons. I was blessed to attend Generation Beauty in LA this year too, where I met Pixi beauty team, who sent me the whole #pixipretties collection few months ago. I filmed my first impression review by demonstrating each product, which you can watch here:

Now, I had an opportunity to use and test products for few months now and here are my thoughts about each and every one of them. Let's start with ItsJudytime collaboration. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Round Glitter Cut Crease - Soft Romantic Makeup

Happy Valentine's Day!!! Do you celebrate this holiday with your significant other or by yourself? If yes, what how do you celebrate it? Do you have an annual tradition that makes this day special for you (even if it is buying chocolate for yourself)?
I personally don't celebrate Valentine's day, but growing up February 14th was always a big day in our household - because my sister was born on this day! Today isn't an exception - although we are not together physically today, my sister is still having a big birthday party at her place celebrating her special day and I virtually joined her and the guests for a little bit. Happy Birthday, big Sis! I am so blessed to have you in my life. Since our age difference is relatively big, I remember how she would take care of me, teach me many things, help me in many ways and always be there when I needed her. May God grant you the best, always protect you and fill your life with happiness and joy. I love you.
Today is Valentine's day. But don't wait for a special day to tell your loved ones (be it your parents or your partner) how much you love and appreciate them. Remind them about it as often as you can. Love is such a powerful feeling and by giving it you get back even more.
For those of you who are planning a special dinner tonight and haven't finalized their look yet, I decided to publish this post to share this soft romantic makeup idea for Valentine's day. It is a round cut crease look with light touch of glitter, which isn't difficult to recreate and looks beautiful.