Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Frizzy Hair Remedy - Agave Oil Healing Treatment Review

Hello my beautiful blog readers! Today I'd like to talk about hair. I'm planning to do more hair posts in the future (sharing my favorite natural hair masks, easy hair-do's and more), let this one be the first one. Few months ago I received Agave Smoothing Trio for the review. Trio includes Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner and Agave oil healing treatment. As I've mentioned before, I don't recommend products that I don't personally like or believe in them, moreover, i don't bother writing a review about them on my blog. Therefore I decided to use this product for longer time to see its actual effect and then decide whether it is worth posting on my blog. Guess what, this product has made to my favorites list! Let me share my thought and review on it with you all.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Shimmery Turquoise and Gold Holiday Makeup Tutorial

Hello, my beautiful readers! Today I am back with pretty holiday look pictorial incorporating gold and shimmery turquoise shades. I used all Motives Cosmetics to create the eye makeup look and Anastasia Beverly Hills Products on my brows. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Never be Afraid of Color featuring BH cosmetics 120 color palette 2nd edition

When I first started building my professional makeup kit, the most important criteria for my makeup purchases were quality and affordability. One of my very first purchases was BH cosmetics 120 color palette of 2nd edition. I got this palette, because it had variety of colors, as well as some neutral and earth tone shades. Moreover, it was very affordable. My first impression of the eyeshadow colors was their great pigmentation and easy application. However, looking at some colors, like vivid yellow or bright orange, I had no idea what they could be used for. I would always think that bright colors would make one look ridiculous. I was so wrong.

I started practicing my editorial makeup looks using bright shades from the palette, so I would not use up the ones that I use on my subtle everyday looks. However, while exploring the world of colors I was amazed by how the harmony of few shades can bring the makeup to totally another level. I started looking for inspiration in the nature, combining the colors and falling in love with them over and over. The following look was created being inspired by a peacock feather.

Once I became comfortable with using color, I created some looks that could be worn to special occasions or be matched with the outfits of the day. Here are many shades of blue and green using BH cosmetics color palette eyeshadows. To make the color pop, apply white eyeshadow base on the lids prior to eyeshadow application. I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. 

Lipstick: MAC in Vegas Volt

Pretty dramatic, huh? Despite the vividness, colors can be subtle too! Don't believe me? Here is an example. Creative eyeliner look using bright red eye shadow. To create this look I sprayed my brush with MAC fix+ spray and then picked up some shadow, by creating gel like consistency. Once applied as a liner, shadows dry and stay put for long time. 

Another fun way to wear colors is by incorporating some bling-bling! In the following look I used orange eye shadows from the palette and added some orange glitter to the lid for glamorous eye look. 

You might have seen me already using my BH cosmetics 120 color palette in this blog before. I like this palette a lot and recommend it if you want to experiment with fun looks using all kinds of colors (you can find these at I also wanted to advice those who are building their makeup kits for the first time and pursuing their dreams: you don't have to buy all expensive high end makeup products. However, you would not want to use low quality products on your clients either, since it will ruin your work. Find affordable, good quality products, read reviews on them and start with them. 
Beauties, if you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to leave a comment, email me or reach me from other social media. Hope this post was helpful. 
Until next time, Stay Blessed!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Creative Cut Crease Look: Tarte Cosmetics Review

Hello my beautiful readers! I am back today with another review and pretty look that you could wear to a special occasion. If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know that Tarte Cosmetics were so kind to send me their products for the review. Everything pictured above was selected according to my skin tone/type and preferences, and today I will be reviewing all of them.
These are the very first Tarte products in my makeup collection and I was so excited to receive them! The first thing that caught my attention was packaging: it is so unique, cool and beautiful. I also loved that Tarte products are all natural, vegan friendly and cruelty free. All of their products formulated without parabens, mineral oil, gluten and many other chemicals that are hard to write and pronunciate. I went right into swatching and creating looks. 

I created the following cut crease look with a twist and I added some rhinestones to make it look more glamorous. 

Let's start with the face: 
1. Amazonian Clay BB tinted moisturizer in Light all over the face. 
2. Maracuja creaseless concealer in Fair.
3. Amazonian Clay 12-hour blush in Blissful.
4. Amazonian Clay Matte waterproof bronzer in Park Ave Princess.

My skin type is dry to normal (gets especially dry when it is cold) and super sensitive. I had acne problem for years and my skin breaks out easily if it dislikes the product. I was sticking into the same foundation routine for 3-4 years, which consists of all Clinique products and also added a Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream a year ago. I loved using BB cream instead of foundation, because it is all in one (primer, moisturizer, sunscreen, foundation) and the coverage is not as heavy as foundation's. So I decided to try Tarte BB cream, that is oil-free and has antioxidant rich formula. I have been using it daily for a week now and I love it! It is lightweight, more sheer than Smashbox BB cream, but can be built up. It gives face a dewiness, that instantly brightens up the face and doesn't make it look oily. My skin did not break out at all and it looks great towards the end of the day as well! So, i would totally recommend this product. 
As for the concealer, it is full coverage, waterproof and lasts all day. It is perfect to combine with BB cream, since BB creams do not have enough coverage to hide some minor blemishes and acne scars. Half pea size of a concealer was enough to cover my dark circles and give a soft highlight to my face. Indeed, it lasts all day and stays put. 
As for the blush and bronzer, I loved the matte formula, easy application and very natural looking result. I really cannot name any shortcomings of the products. 

Let's zoom in the eyes and lips. Here are the close up shots:  

For Lips I used Lip Surgence Lip Tint in Enchanted. 
For Brows: EmphasEYES Waterproof clay shadow/liner in Bronze.
For Eyes: 
1. Clean Slate 360 creaseless 12-hr smoothing eye primer
2. EmphasEYES Waterproof clay shadow/liner in Deep Sage to green cut crease. 
3. EmphasEYES Waterproof clay shadow/liner in Black to line the lashline.
4. Amazonian Clay Matte waterproof bronzer in Park Ave Princess on the crease.
5. Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara.
6. I also used light gold shadow from ELF 100 color palette on the lid, false lashes and rhinestones from craft store.

Clean Slate Primer is colorless, soft, feels velvety and does its job well. It is a shadow primer and under eye base all in one. 
Their EmphasEYES shadow/liners don't dry too fast as many other gel liners and can be easily smudged out to create smokey liner effect. Liners go on smoothly and do not smudge once they are dry. As you see, I also used it to fill in my brows and waterproof them. 
Let's talk about Mascara, shall we? Well, all I can say is "Bye, bye, Dior Show!!" I love this mascara so much, it tops up my list. Makes my lashes look beautiful and stays put all day. Love it and totally recommend it!
Tarte lip surgence is tint+gloss+lip balm all in one. Once applied the color does not wear off fast and lips stay hydrated for hours. It lives in my purse now and I am planning on getting some other colors as well. 

Last product that I'd like to review is Tarte Glamazon Pure Performance Lipstick. Here is a color swatch of the lipstick in Foxy.

The lipstick goes on very smoothly, lasts long, has creamy formula with very rich and vivid color. It does not dry out the lips and feels great!

I rarely liked every product from particular brand. I usually love different products from different brands and my makeup collection is very diverse. However, I really liked all of the products that Tarte Cosmetics had sent me and planning on adding some more of Tarte goodies to my makeup collection. I wonder why I never tried this line before... If you are planning on trying Tarte, go for it. I totally recommend.

Hope my reviews are helpful and useful for all of you. I usually review and recommend those products that I believe are great and work well. Therefore all of my reviews here on the blog are mainly positive, because I don't want to bother writing about something I don't like. 

Until the next post, Stay blessed!

Friday, November 15, 2013

First Impression: Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger and Lala + Free Shipping Code

Hello, beauties! It has been so long again since we last talked through this blog. I promise to update more frequently, since i have so much to share with you all! Today, I'd like to start with an awesome story. 
One beautiful sunny Texas day, someone knocked on my door. I opened and saw a postal service with two big boxes waiting for me to sign and accept. I carried heavy boxes into the house, opened them and almost fainted! They were filled with all kinds of makeup goodies! Well, to someone who is so passionate about makeup this was like a dream!! I was shocked, surprised and so excited to see all of the eye shadows, lipsticks, palettes, liners, mascaras, brushes and many many more!
These beautiful products were sent to me from Motives Cosmetics by Loren Ridinger and Lala. I feel so blessed to be able to try out these amazing products and share my thoughts and reviews with you all!
So far, I was not able to try much of the products yet, but i am getting there ;). I will be posting looks and tutorials and reviewing the products in my future posts. 
My first impression of Motives Cosmetics was my amazement at their beautiful packaging. It looks and feels great! Swatching some products, I loved how pigmented shadows were, how soft and silky their lipsticks were and how easy was the application process. So far so good! So I went ahead and tried to create some looks using these products and here are my first looks I came up with. 

Now, let's go through steps and products used to create these looks.

To create this Blue Look:
1. I filled out my brows using Waterproof automatic eyebrow pencil in dark brown and Brow perfecting gel in dark brown.
2. Then I primed my lids using Eye shadow base. 
3. I applied Glamour pigment the lid, defined my crease with eye shadow in Twilight, and applied Onyx shade on the outer V area.
4. Next I applied Eye shadow in Lust Dust on the entire lower lashline by winging it outwards. I also brightened my tear duct area by applying shade in Liquid. 
5. I used Kohl Eyeliner in Angel to color my waterline and winged it out right above the blue wing I made earlier. 
6. Last, but not least, I applied Luxe Precision Eyeliner in Jet Black on my lashline and glued false lashes #109. I also added some mascara in black to blend my natural lashes with falsies. Done!

For this Purple Look:
1. I filled out my brows using Waterproof automatic eyebrow pencil in dark brown and Brow perfecting gel in dark brown.
2. I used Eye shadow base to prime my lids. Then I used light purple from Baked mineral eyeshadow trio in impatient on the center of my  upper and lower lids. 
3. Then I started to create gradient purple accent from the center towards the inner and outer corners of the eyes using dark purple from the baked mineral eyeshadow trio in impatient, as well as eyeshadows in ecstasy and breaking dawn.
4. I used eyeliner in onyx to line my waterline and liquid liner in noir to create winged liner. 
5. Finished off by applying mascara on the lashes and #109 false eyelashes. That's it!

I know many beauty bloggers who would write nice things about the products that they were sent, even if they didn't like them. However, I want this review to be helpful to others, so when you purchase the products, you won't be disappointed. While creating these looks I liked the quality of the products and easy application process. I want to point out on some of the products that I instantly fell in love with. First, Motives Eye Shadow Base - perfect base to make the colors pop. When using the colored shades I always used NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk even after priming the eyes, so that colored shadows would pop. Well, now I have a replacement for it, that would replace two step application of primer and NYX jep. Second, their kohl eyeliners, especially in angel. It feels like butter, goes on very smoothly and doesn't smudge. The next product I loved using is Luxe Precision Eyeliner - it took me less time to create perfect winged liner on my hooded lids and stayed put for couple of hours (well, i could not test it for longer, since it was late and I washed my makeup off). 
Besides creating eye looks, I also tried their face products and liked them all! My skin is very sensitive, therefore not every product works for me. However, my skin did not break out and I am using some of their face products regularly now. One of those products is Motives Color Perfection Quad - this is perfect to contour the face: use lightest color to highlight and darkest to contour the face. The product is very easy to apply and blend, it is also very lightweight. 

Beauties, that's it for today's blog post about my first impressions of Motives Cosmetics Line. If you want to purchase the products you can do so by going to their website: (for US and Canada) and (International purchases). Enter code : BEAUTIFYANDCREATIFY and get a FREE shipping!

I will talk to you in my next post. Stay blessed!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pin Up Makeup Look

Hello, my beautiful readers! Today I want to share with you this classic makeup look that I created a while ago. Unfortunately I don't have a pictorial of the process of creation, but I'll describe the steps for you, so you can recreate it by yourself. This makeup look is called differently: pin up look, rockabilly, Merilyn Monroe's look and etc. However, for me this will always be a classic winged liner and perfect red lip combination.  Let's get started!

1. Make sure that your brows are filled in accurately and tweezed/groomed nicely. 
2. Once the eyelids are primed, apply matte white shade all over the lid.
3.  Now using small pencil brush apply matte dark brown shade on the crease line. 
4. Using lighter brown shade, blend the dark brown crease line upwards, towards the browbone area. 
5. Highlight the brow bone area, apply white eyeliner on the waterline and draw a cat eye winged liner on the lash line using liquid liner. 
6. Apply mascara and false lashes, if you desire.
That's it! Elegant and classic winged eyeliner look that is perfect for any occasion is done! Hope you enjoy recreating it!

Products used:
1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil in brunette and Brow Powder duo in dark brown for brows, and Brow Duality Highlighting pencil to highlight the browbone
2. NYX jumbo eye pencil in white
3. BH cosmetics 120 palette and H&M palette
4. MAC sketch eyeshadow
5. Cherry Blossom lashes #15
6. Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner 
7. NYC lipstick in Ruby

Friday, September 6, 2013

How to Create Perfect Cat Eye - Winged Eyeliner 101

Is applying winged eyeliner shape is always a struggle for you? Don't worry, with practice you'll nail this technique in no time! Today I want to share with you some tips and tricks that can make the eyeliner application process so much easier for you. Let's get started!


1. Line something straight (handle of the brush, credit card or ruler) along with the outer half of your lower lash line. Basically, place the straight object parallel to the waterline of the eye. This way you will get the angle of the wing on both eyes the same. 
2. Now, holding a brush/ruler place a dot on the point where you want your wing to end. You can also add some more dots towards the outer corner of the eye to create a trace of the wing. 
3. Connect the dots. Do the same on the other eye, so you can make sure you've got the same/similar wings on both eyes.
4. Line the upper lash line of the eye. Make the line thin, line it one small stroke at a time, as close to the lash line as possible.
5. Define a point where you want you wing to start. I like my wing to start from the center of my lid. Now draw small dashes connecting the end of the wing and the point where you want your wing to start. 
6. Connect dashes and fill in the wing. If you want you can make the line along the upper lash line little thicker. Also the outer part of the wing can be cleaned/sharpened using wet wipe or a q-tip.
That's it! Now all you need is a little practice and drawing the cat eye will become the easiest thing for you!

Winged Liner for HOODED eyes. What if you have hooded eyes, like I do? Hooded eye shape is a type of an eye when the lid space is small or non-existent and the crease overlaps it. Working with this eye shape is always harder than with "regular" eye shapes. So here is an easy pictorial for you all!
1. Line your lashline.
2. Open your eyes and look straight. As I mentioned before, on hooded eye hooded lid overlaps middle lid when the eye open. Draw a wing on the overlapping hooded lid by looking straight ahead.
3. Now look down, connect the gap of the wing under the hooded lid and fill the wing in.
4. Smoothen the lines and you are done!

Winged Liner for ROUND eyes.  For round eyes, try to make the wing shorter and the line along the lash line bolder. However, if you want more dramatic look, you can make the wing longer. In this case line the waterline with dark eyeliner as well, so the eye transformation/elongation wouldn't look too extreme. Also, if you want your eyes appear smaller, you can always line waterline and tightline upper lash line to make the big round eyes seem smaller.


None of the ways are working and you just can't get the winged liner right? Then use my favorite trick! Apply eyeliner (preferably soft kohl pencil) and smudge it! You can use some matte black eyeshadow to extend and soften the smudged liner. this way you can always achieve sultry, yet subtle winged liner look that is perfect for everyday or occasional makeup!

Hope you find this blog post helpful! Let me know if you have any requests!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Elegant Makeup Look with Pop of Color

 Hello, Beauties! I am sorry for being MIA last month here on the blogger. It was a very busy month for me. However, I always kept up posting different looks on other social media, such as facebook and Instagram. So, if you are not already, make sure follow me and get different makeup ideas, beauty tips and more! I decided to share some of my favorite looks I've done before with you all. Some of them, like this one today, was taken with my Iphone camera. I think the quality is good enough to post it here.

The look that I want to share with you today is created using earth toned colors and a touch of green. It is perfect for special occasion or night out. Let's get started!

1. Prime the lids. As I always write, this step is very important to keep your makeup in place.
2. Draw an extended wing as a V shape in the outer corner of the upper lid using black eyeliner pencil.
3. Smudge the liner with the use of little black shadow if needed. Use a smudging brush.
4. Wet the brush with MAC fix+ spray or regular water and apply gray-ish ash color on the center of the lid.
5. Apply shimmery white in the inner corner of the lid.
6. Using white eyeliner, draw a wing right below the extended wing.
7. Take your pop color (in this look it is green), and apply it along the entire lower lashline by winging it out towards the outer corner.
8. Apply eyeliner on the upper lashline and waterline, add mascara and if needed, false lashes. 
Done! Beautiful makeup look with pop of color is complete! Hope this post was helpful for you!

Products used:
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. BH cosmetics 120 color palette
3. Elf 32 color palette
4. Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow wiz in brunette and brow duo powder in dark brown.
5.NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk
6. Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil in zero
7. Diorshow mascara
8. Cherry Blossom lashes #47
9. Lipstick: NYX in Saturn

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Fish Under The Coat - Salad/Side Dish Recipe

Hello, dear blog readers! Today I would like to present to you this awesome recipe of a salad/side dish that is named fish under the coat or fish under the fur coat. Let's go ahead and get it started!

You'll need (for one small to medium plate of the salad):
1 can of any fish in the oil (I used sprouts, but sardines work just as well)
2 boiled potatoes
4 boiled medium sized carrots
1/4 onion
2 beetroots boiled
2 hard boiled eggs
6-8 tablespoons of mayonnaise
Some salt

1. Mash the fish on the plate with the fork
2. This step is optional. If you don't like onions, you can skip this step. Grate the onions on smaller grate side and drain the juice out. Mix the grated part of the onion with the fish. 
3. Spread 1/2 of the fish on the plate with a thin layer, so it barely covers the bottom.
4. Grate 2 carrots and spread over the fish.
5. Spread 1-2 tbsp of mayonnaise over the carrots.
6. Grate 1 of potatoes and spread over the mayonnaise. Sprinkle some salt (very small amount) on top of potatoes.
7. Cover potatoes with mayonnaise.
8. Grate root beet and spread it on top of the other vegetables.
9. Cover beet with a tbsp of mayonnaise once again.
10. Now go back to the remaining 1/2 of all of your products and repeat steps 3-9.
11. Separate hard boiled egg whites and yolks. Grate on a smaller grater side the egg whites first and sprinkle on top.
12. Now grate the yolks and sprinkle on top of whites. And done!!!
You can decorate it with greens, olives or just serve as it is.

When serving the dish just cut it as you would cut the cake and serve a piece. It is very delicious and lightweight.

Hope this blog post was helpful! Enjoy making this salad and eating it afterwards!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Doll Transformation Makeup

Hello, my beautiful blog readers!!!  Today I'd like to present to you something extraordinary and experimental, that I've tried to do last week - Doll Makeup Transformation. I just wanted to share with you how makeup can change one's appearance and make them look so fictional.
I decided to show you how you can recreate this look, so that if you might decide to transform yourself into a doll this Halloween, you'll have a reference :).
I apologize for poorer quality pictorial photo, since it was taken using my phone. So, let's get started!

1. After priming the eye lids, using eyeliner pencil extend the eye shape by drawing a line along the upper lash line, bringing it outwards and then connecting with the lower lid, as shown above.
2. Fill in the space with drawn extended eye with white eyeliner or white eyeshadow.
3. Now, imagining the drawn extension as an eye shape, draw a cut crease line on crease all the way above extended lash line.
4. Apply eyeshadows on the lid: white shimmer in the tear duct area, pink in the center lid. Using black matte shade and pencil brush, define the crease line.
5. Blend the crease line using matte brown shadow and highlight browbone area.
6. Now apply black shadow on the outer V of the extended eye shape and bring it towards the lower lid. Blend.
7. Apply eyeliner along the extended upper lashline and stack a couple of false lashes together and glue them starting from the outer corner of the lid.
Once the steps are complete, you should end up with the eyes looking like in the following picture.

To emphasize big eyes, you can complement the look with the big circle lenses and false lower lashes. That's it! The doll transformation look is complete! Hope you like it!

Products used:
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in zero.
3. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk.
4. BH cosmetics 120 color palette
5. NYC liquid liner in black
6. Alash lashes in "Lychee Fantasy" and "Mojito" stacked together. (
7. Lower lashes were custom made by me by cutting natural styled thin lashes :)
8. For face I've used foundation and powder by clinique, bronzer by Essence and blush by SHE stylezone.
9. On the lips I have Essence lip liner in honey bun topped with NYC everlasting blossom gloss. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

All About Brows and More featuring Anastasia Beverly Hills products

Hello, Beauties! As I promised in my post "Four Different Ways to Shape and Fill in Eyebrows", today I'll be talking broadly about tips and tricks of perfectly shaped and filled brows.
Eyebrows are frames of the face. I cannot stretch enough how correctly shaped eyebrows can accentuate your beauty and make your face features stand out. As I mentioned in my previous post (link is above), today I will be expanding the topic of initial shaping of the brows. Let's begin!
There are many ways to shape the brows by plucking, waxing, threading or bleaching. I've written before that it is the best if you can follow the natural shape of your brows as much as possible. However, everyone has different brows: some very thin, some very thick, some nicely shaped and some with undefined shape. If you happen to be the latter one, here is a helpful chart I found online, that shows what eyebrow shape you should aim for according to your face shape.

Image from Google

Once you've determined your eyebrow shape, it is time to define the start, arch and the end of the brow. This is equally important step, since you don't want to end up with too short brows or dislocated arch. There is a golden ratio technique that helps you to determine the ideal brow length and arch location.
Image from Google

According the Golden Ratio the start of your brows should be aligned with the center of your nostril. To find this point, you can hold straight object vertically from the center of your nostril  upwards towards the brows. 
To find the point where the brows end, place straight object diagonally from the bottom outside corner of the nostril to the outside corner of the eye and mark intersection point with the brow.
The arch of the brow is determined by aligning straight object from the tip of the nose diagonally through the middle of the pupil. Wherever the object meets the brow, this point should be the highest point of the brows.
What's next? Once you've defined the shape, marked the points of arch and length of the brow, you can start shaping the brows by plucking, threading and etc. Remember, do not over-tweeze the brows, take your time to reach the ideal shape for your face.

Edited to add: I now have a video tutorial that demonstrates the technique:

I was blessed and my work was recognized by the beautiful owner of Anastasia Beverly Hills ( - Anastasia. Moreover, she was so generous to send  some of her amazing products for me to try. So since I am talking about brows today, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to review these products in this post.

I want to start with 5 elements Brow Kit, that is in top left in the picture above. It includes five different brow stencils, precision tweezers, brow powder duo, mini duo brush and clear brow gel. The color of my kit is dark brown. Once you open the box, all the products are nicely placed in the beautiful leather case with a zipper, which makes it so convenient to use. The kit also comes with a small booklet that explains the use of every element. Also there is a description of a Golden Ratio, according to which stencils were customized. So if you got confused with all the explanation of the rule i wrote above, you can simply place one of the Brow Kit's stencils on the brow and pick the one that allows the most of your natural brow hair through the cut out, without leaving too much exposed skin. Then you can just fill in the cut out area and voila, the filled in area is considered your ideal arch and length of the brows.
Here is the demonstration of the stencil use on my brow. As you can see points I, II, III show start, end and arch of the brow respectively. These points perfectly matched with my previously shaped brows, whoohoo! Stencils are indeed follow the Golden Ratio technique.

I was also sent Brow Wiz eyebrow pencil in brunette and Brow Duality Highlighting Duo Pencil in shell/lace. So, using the Brow Kit, Brow wiz and Duo Pencil I filled in my brows. Here is step by step pictorial.

1. My bare brow.
2. I plucked all the little grown hair around the brow using tweezers.
3. Using spooley side of the brush I slightly brushed my brow hair into place.
4. Using Brow Wiz pencil I outlined the shape of the brow by lining top and bottom.
5. Then I started filling in the brows using brush and brow powder duo. I used lighter color in the inner half of my brow and darker color in the outer half of the brow. Filling the brows in gradient will make them look more natural.
6. Using spooley side of the brush I blended out the color and harshness.
7. Using Shell side of the Brow Duality Duo pencil I highlighted the browbone and above the brow, this also cleans all the smudges from the spooley at the same time.
8. Last, but not least I applied Clear Brow Gel for the finishing touch to set and define brows all day.

I must say, I was highly impressed by the quality of these products. You can compare this to my previous brow filling routine (link is above) and notice the difference from the picture. In my honest opinion, these products are worth buying. You can easily use just Brow Wiz pencil for your brows, it is good enough to fill in and shape the brows (I use it for quick makeup on a daily basis, when i don't have enough time to go over all the steps above).

I was also sent a Brow Genius Kit, which includes Brow Wiz loose powder, Beauty Genius Clear Waterproof Gel and Applicator brush. This Kit is considered to make your brows waterproof by filling and shaping them. Here is how to use it:

1. Swipe the brow brush along one side of beauty genius applicator tip to collect the clear waterproofing gel.
2. Mix beauty genius and brow wiz loose powder together to form a paste.
3. Fix using the brush to fill in your brows.
Easy, right? But you have to be quick, because waterproof formula dries fast. This beauty genius gel can also be used to waterproof any loose powder eyeliner or even eyeshadow pigment. Just don't forget to clean your brush at the end.
This way of filling brows is perfect for hot and humid summer weather, or when you are going to the beach, swimming in the pool. It really stays put a long time!

Speaking of summer, do you want a natural and waterproof recipe for the eyes? Here it is. All you have to do is apply Lace side of Brow Duality Highlighting Duo Pencil on the lid. Then apply Covet Waterproof eyeliner in Midnight along the lashline and smudge it out. Apply Covet waterproof Eyeliner in Gilded on the waterline and finish off by applying your favorite waterproof mascara. The eyeliners were also kindly sent to me by Anastasia Beverly Hills.

My final thought on all of these products is - these are all very very great quality products. Products in the kits can be used all together or separately, or incorporated in different other looks and products. I am personally loving using all of these products on a daily basis. Thank you once again, Anastasia!! To learn more about these products, visit:

Hope this blog post was informative for you.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Soft Purple and Pink Smokey Look

Hello my beautiful readers! Today I'd like to show you how to recreate the following subtle and soft purple and pink smokey look. This is one of my favorite makeup looks, since it is colorful, yet so subtle.
You can combine this look with soft pink lipstick or lip gloss. Let's get started!

1. Start by priming your lids. I never get tired of emphasizing how important this step is, especially when you want to create smokey effect. Priming helps blend the colors better, as well as increasing longevity of shadows.
2. Apply shimmery white shade in the inner corner of the eye, bringing towards 1/3 of both upper and lower lids.
3. Apply rosy pink on the remaining 2/3 of the lid. For both steps 2 and 3 you can use eyeshadow brushes.
4. Using small angled brush apply black eyeshadow on the outer 2/3 of lower lid and bring the color upwards along the crease, over the pink shade.
5. Apply purple shadow over the black trace and using blending brush blend it out nicely. When smudging the purple on the lower lid, drag the color a little bit down, around the white shimmer, as shown in the picture.
6. Using light shimmery white color or any of your favorite highlight shades, apply it on the brow bone area. Blend the shimmer slightly into the purple.
7. Apply eyeliner along the entire upper lashline and inner 1/3 of waterline. Make the liner little thicker towards the outer part of the lashline.
8. Apply white eyeliner in the remaining outer 2/3 of the waterline.
9. Apply your favorite mascara, false lashes if desired.
That's it! Hope today's post was helpful for you!
Products used:
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. BH Cosmetics 120 color palette
3. H&M Color Palette
4. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencil
5. Dior Show Mascara in Black
6. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk
7. Orchard Blossom Lashes #15

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Hello my blogger family! I'd like to share with you one of my favorite recipes - Beef Stroganoff! I'm sure there are many ways to prepare this meal, but this is the way I like to cook it and it turns out delicious every single time! Let's get it started!

You'll need:
1 large onion (2 if small)
0.5 to 1 lb beef
4-5 mushrooms
3/4 cup of sour cream
Cooking oil (I used olive oil)
Salt and spices (I use ground garlic, basil, parsley and paprika)

Start off by cutting and chopping everything :). Slice the onions, cut the beef and mushrooms as shown in the picture.

Now pour a little bit of cooking oil into the pan and stir-fry beef and mushrooms. They do not need to be done, just little sautéed. You can add some spices and little bit of salt while stir frying. Once beef and mushrooms sautéed, take them out of the pan and place in the plate.

Add onions right away to the same pan where you sautéed beef and mushrooms. If you need some more oil, just sprinkle a little bit on the pan. Start stir frying onions, add some salt and spices. Once onions become golden colored, add sour cream and fill the pan with water until onions are fully covered. Let the consistency boil by mixing it frequently. Once onions and sour cream mixture starts boiling, add the mushrooms and beef and mix everything together. Reduce the heat to the low and cover the pan for 30 minutes. Every 8-10 minutes, open the pan and stir the beef sauce.
That's it! Delicious beef stroganoff sauce is ready. You can pick the side dish of your favor, it can be pasta, mashed potatoes or rice. I personally love the beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and rice. This time I went with cooked rice.

Hope this recipe was helpful. Enjoy your meal!