Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DIY Project: Nursery Letters

Today I want to show you how you can decorate your little ones' room in creative and affordable way. DIY Nursery letters! I made the nursery letters after my daughter was born, since we weren't sure what name we wanted to pick for her before she was born. If you know what you want to name little munchkin in your belly or even if your baby is already here and maybe you just want to decorate his/her nursery with cute inspirational words, this project may be interesting for you.
I thought a lot about the kind of letters I could hang on the wall of a nursery. I could buy ready pricey nursery letters, or buy wooden letters and "mod podge" a pattern to it. I even thought about yarn wrapped cardboard letters and letters from buttons as well. But for my little girl I wanted to make something unique and pretty. I also wanted an inexpensive option. So I picked a "Painting on canvas" instead. I decided to paint some pretty picture and paint the letters of her name on top of the painting with different fun colors. For the project I picked up canvas (flat ones), acrylic paint, some brushes and ribbon to hang canvas.
Since I did this project while ago, I don't have step to step pictures of it. However, it's very easy to make. All you have to do is pick an image you want and paint it on canvas. I picked cherry blossom. But here are some other options: flowers, moon and stars, aquarium with fish, bubbles, birds, sky and clouds, rainbow, different shapes and etc. I picked a "V" shaped arrangement to hang the letters, you can also choose either horizontal or "zig-zag" arrangements.
Once the painting is finished, paint letters in your favorite font (you can use stencils if you want, or you can print letters on the paper, cut them and then trace on canvas). That's it!
Now, it's time to hang canvas. Cut around 10 inches of a ribbon and glue it to the back of canvas as shown in the picture (I only had super glue available at that time, if you have a glue gun, you can use it too). Then cut another 10-12 inch of a ribbon and make a bow. Glue your bow to the center of the ribbon that is glued to the canvas. You're done! Now you can hang the letters and enjoy the piece of art you've just created!