Wednesday, February 20, 2013

DIY Project: Wall Art Decor

Today I would like to share with you another DIY project that I did recently. I had the left over supplies from the nursery letters project and decided to turn them to some wall art decor using dot painting technique. Let's get started!
For this project you need canvases (I had 4 canvases left from the previous project, but you could also use one larger canvas if you wish), acrylic paint and a couple of make up sponges (i got a whole pack of sponges for $1 in Dollar store). Now, let's make our "dot painting tool". Take a pen with a cap, cut a little piece out of your makeup sponge and tuck the sponge piece in the cap of the pen as shown below. That's it! Now you can easily paint with this easy-to-make and cheap dot painting tool.

Let's move on to the painting. Put your canvases in desired arrangement and sketch the pattern that you picked. And start dot painting! Just dip your tool lightly in paint and make the dots along the pattern. Once you got the sketch covered, play with colors and their intensity, fill the pattern by continuing dot painting. I found that this type of painting takes less time and a lot of fun to do! If you have kids, you definitely could make a dot painting activities together.

Once the pattern is filled, I played with colors little more by adding some details and a background. And, it's finished! If you want to go extra step, you could also add some design to your painting, for example: your favorite quote on top of the painting. I chose to draw Arabic calligraphy on top using brushes and black acrylic paint. Then, you can hang your finished wall art by keeping canvases together, or you can spread them slightly, so it shows that the painting was done on several canvases. Good luck!