Monday, March 25, 2013

Four Different Ways to Fill In and Shape Eyebrows

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My sweet little daughter is taking her morning nap, which means I can sit down in front of my computer and update my blog. I'm planning to update my blog twice a week, but haven't chosen exact days yet. I will try my best to keep up with updates and share all my knowledge about beauty world, cooking and many more! So many things I want to share with you! Of course, you are always welcome to leave a comment if you have any questions. I will try to answer them to the best of my knowledge.
Well, intro is done, let's move on to business. ;) Today I want to show you four different ways how to fill and shape eyebrows. Any woman, whether she has thick or thin eyebrows, needs to know how to fill and shape her eyebrows. Eyebrows are frames of the face, and any picture looks good in a beautiful frame. In this post I will talk about filling eyebrows and creating shape you want for your brows using different techniques and beauty tools.

Initial shaping of the brows. This topic is long and detailed itself. Therefore, I decided to expand and discuss it in one of my upcoming posts. At this moment, I want to shortly go over some important tips. You can shape your brows by plucking, threading or waxing and eliminating unwanted brow hair. One of the most important advice I want to give you is, when plucking or waxing brows, try to follow the natural curve/shape of your brows as much as possible (you can ask ladies in the beauty salon to keep the natural curve/shape of your brow). You can always choose whether you want them thicker or narrower, but try not too much innovate with the shapes of your brows. In my opinion, every person is born with the perfect shape of the brows for their face and trying to change them in different ways sometimes changes the appearance of the whole face and facial expressions.

Filling in and shaping the brows using makeup is another important step in creating perfect brows. There are many ways to fill in and shape the brows using makeup tools, and in this post I will show you how you can create beautiful brow shapes depending on the type of your eyebrows. Let's begin!

1. Filling in the brows using eyeshadow or browshadow. This is my favorite way of shaping my brows. Since my brows are thick, they do not need much coverage, and using eyeshadow to fill in some little hair gaps will create soft and accurate final look. But this way of filling the brows works for any type of the eyebrows. Just make sure to find the correct shade of the shadow. For light brows go with 2-3 shades darker shadows, for dark brows go with 2-3 shades lighter shadows. For blonde and brown hair, I suggest to go with the brown colors. For black brows, go with grey. If your brow hair is red, go with burgundy colored eyeshadow.

1. The first picture above is my actual brow without any product on. I posted it for the comparison with the final result.
2. Start by lining your brows using angled brush and eyeshadow/browshadow.
3. Fill in the whole brow with a shadow using the same brush.
4. Using wand brush (looks like a mascara brush) soften up and evenly distribute the shadow by gently brushing the eyebrow. 
5. Using concealer brush apply concealer right under your brows to define the browline and clean up the smudges of the shadow. You can also apply concealer on the upper part of your brow as well (I usually apply to just the outer half of the upper browline). This will make the look of your brows more dramatic, edgy and very defined.
6. Blend the concealer. Apply some highlighter on the browbone area. 
7. Optional: Apply a clear brow gel on your brows.

2. Filling in the brows using eyeliner pencil or browpencil. I recommend this technique to people with very scarce eyebrow hair. Since coverage of a pencil is fuller, it helps to fill the gaps better and create desired shape. For the color and shade choices, you should follow the same rule as in the point one above. Since my brows are dark and black, I'm using liner of lighter shade and grey color.

1. Again, the first picture is my natural brow without any product on.
2. Line your brows with an eyeliner pencil or browpencil and create the desired shape. Fill in the whole eyebrow or the gaps you want to cover.
3. Using wand brush soften up and evenly distribute the color by gently brushing the eyebrow.
4. Using white eyeliner pencil, define browline by applying it right under your brows.
5. Blend away the white liner.
6. Optional: Apply a clear brow gel on your brows. Apply some highlighter on the browbone area.

3. Filling in the brows using mascara. This technique is perfect for the brows that are nicely shaped, but the brow hair is too thin or too light, that makes the brows unnoticeable.

1. Eyebrow before any product on. Please, do not mind my bad-looking eyeliner on my eyes.
2. Apply mascara to your brows. If not satisfied with one coat, apply another coat to the part of the brows which you want to look bolder/darker.
3. Using q-tip, clean up all the smudges and mistakes.
4.  Using concealer brush apply concealer right under your brows to define the browline and to reach clean finished look. You can also apply concealer on the upper part of your brow, if you wish.
5. Blend the concealer and apply highlighter on your browbone area.

4. Filling in the brows using combination of techniques and tools above. Well, sometimes our brows are perfect in one part, then scarce towards the end, or too light with no distinct shape and etc. In this case, you can always use combination of the techniques above depending on the type of your eyebrows. You can always line and define brows using eyeliner/browpencil, then fill them in using eyeshadow or mascara, apply either concealer or white eyeliner pencil underneath your brows. Just pick the way that works best for your brows. 

Hope this post was helpful for you. Enjoy!

PS: Edited to add my updated brow shaping video that includes and demonstrates more ways, besides the above listed!