Thursday, March 28, 2013

Stuffed Meatloaf. Baked Sliced and Mashed Potatoes

Hi! Today I want to share a recipe of a delicious meal that I love to cook for my family. Stuffed meatloaf! As a side dish I usually like to serve mashed potatoes, but this time I tried a new recipe of a baked potato, that I also want to share with you. Let's get started!
I want to start from the side dishes. 

Baked Sliced Potatoes. I saw this recipe on pinterest once (I couldn't find the actual pin or website to post here), and decided to try it. For this recipe you'll need: potatoes, olive oil, herbal spices, pinch of a salt and butter or cheese. 

First, wash potatoes, make sure they are clean or just peel the skin off. Slice potatoes thinly almost all the way through. In a plate/cup mix all of your desired spices, pinch of a salt and add olive oil (1-2 tsp per potato). I mixed: basil, parsley, paprika and some garlic salt. Then just cover the sliced potatoes with the spice mixture (I had to slightly open the slices with my fingers in order to get spices between them). Put the potatoes in the preheated oven at 425 F for 40 minutes. However, it might require few more minutes to cook completely (mine took 50 minutes to be done). 
Once they are done, you can put some shredded cheese on top or some butter.  I went with butter.
I loved how delicious these potatoes turned out!

Baked Mashed Potatoes. The way I prepare mashed potatoes is simple. All I do is wash clean and put potatoes in the oven for an hour at 425 F. Once they are ready, I cut them in half, empty the inner part into the bowl and save the skin. Then I add some butter (1/2 tbsp per potato), some salt and start mashing. I add milk along the way until the mashed consistency is soft. You can also add some sour cream if you want. Once mashed potatoes are the way you like them to be, just put them back in the skin and add a thin slice of a butter on top for extra touch of yumminess. Done! These are my hubby's favorite!

Stuffed Meatloaf. For this recipe you'll need:
1/2 lb of ground meat
2 medium sized carrots
1 medium sized onion
1 egg
Vegetables of your choice
1 tsp of salt

Grate onion and take only mashed part, discard the juice. Grate carrots on a part of a grater with smaller dimension. Now add grated onion and carrots to ground beef. Add an egg, salt and your favorite spices and mix together.

Once meat is ready, take a cling wrap or a clean plastic bag. Spread the meat on the wrap and put vegetables of your choice in the middle of the meat, as shown in the picture. You can choose any type of the vegetables or multiple vegetables, or you can even put hard boiled eggs instead of mushrooms. Now, using the wrap, roll the meat and stick the edges together. Still using a wrap, lift the ready meatloaf and slide it to the baking pan. Optional: you can cover meatloaf with some mayonnaise, so that the ready meatloaf will have some pretty shiny look. Preheat oven at 375 F and cook the meatloaf for 45 minutes.

Once the stuffed meatloaf is ready, cut and serve it with your favorite side dishes. I hope you will find these recipes helpful and will definitely try them! Enjoy!!