Monday, May 6, 2013

Artistic Heart Makeup Look

Makeup is an art. Just like painter draws on canvas, makeup artist creates image on the face. Today's look that I want to present is not going to be something that you could wear everyday. It is more of an artistic makeup that I like to create sometimes.
I recently joined instagram, it is a community/social network that allows people share various pictures. I came across many makeup artists' work that inspired me and I also started sharing some of my makeup looks there (my username is: beautifyandcreatify, for those who have instagram and would like to check out my photos). As well as sharing photos, there are different contests on instagram that you could join by uploading certain types of images. So this particular look was my submission for one of the contests which asked to create something that has a shape of heart using something that you love. Well, as you already have guessed, I love makeup and creating heart shaped image using makeup sounded just right to me. So this is what I came up with. Hope you enjoy the result of my creativity.

Although I was little late with the photo submission, many people left a nice feedback on it. So I decided to present steps on how I created this look for those of you who would like to see. Or maybe some of you would be willing to recreate it for Halloween or other costume ideas? Anyways, enjoy and have fun!

1. Prime your eyes and draw a shape of heart on the eye using an eyeliner pencil.
2. Now apply pink eyeshadow along the line that just has been drawn.
3. Blend the pink shadow.
4. Using black matte eyeshadow apply it to the inner heart shape.
5. Blend the black shadow with the pink.
6. Apply shimmery highlight around the heart shape.
7. Now take white shimmery eyeshadow and fill in the drawn heart shape.
8. Using lash glue, glue pink rhinestones in the corners of the heart shape. Use a pink shadow to fill in the brows.
9. Apply your favorite mascara on top lashes. That's it! You're done!

For the lips you can use just a pink mascara. I created heart shape on my lips as well, just for fun!