Everyday Purple Eye Makeup Tutorial

I love purple! Especially, I love wearing purple eyeshadows on my eyes. Purple has so many different shades that could look great on any eye color. In today's blog post I want to show you an easy tutorial of how to create pretty purple eye makeup for everyday life. Let's begin!

For this look you'll need 3 different shades of purple. But if you don't have 3 shades of purple, you can always replace lightest shade with soft pink color. Or, you can create darkest shade of purple by mixing the purple shadow with darker gray or black shades.
So, here are the steps:
1. Apply eyeshadow primer all over the lid. You know how I always emphasize the importance of this step...
2. Using eyeshadow brush, pack lightest purple shade all over the lid.
3. Using bit darker purple and pencil brush, define your crease and blend out the color nicely with blending brush.
4. Take the darkest purple and apply it on the outer "V" of the eye by bringing it down to the entire lower lid. Blend the harsh edges. 
5. Highlight the brow bone area and apply the eyeliner of your choice (liquid/pencil/gel)
6. Apply your favorite mascara and false lashes if desired. 

That's it! The look is complete! This look is very soft, subtle and perfect for daily life! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and good luck in recreating the look!

Products used:
1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
2. BH Cosmetics 120 color palette
3. NYC High Definition Liquid Eyeliner - Extra Black
4. Diorshow Mascara in Black
5. H&M False Lashes in Medium

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