Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Beef Stroganoff Recipe

Hello my blogger family! I'd like to share with you one of my favorite recipes - Beef Stroganoff! I'm sure there are many ways to prepare this meal, but this is the way I like to cook it and it turns out delicious every single time! Let's get it started!

You'll need:
1 large onion (2 if small)
0.5 to 1 lb beef
4-5 mushrooms
3/4 cup of sour cream
Cooking oil (I used olive oil)
Salt and spices (I use ground garlic, basil, parsley and paprika)

Start off by cutting and chopping everything :). Slice the onions, cut the beef and mushrooms as shown in the picture.

Now pour a little bit of cooking oil into the pan and stir-fry beef and mushrooms. They do not need to be done, just little sautéed. You can add some spices and little bit of salt while stir frying. Once beef and mushrooms sautéed, take them out of the pan and place in the plate.

Add onions right away to the same pan where you sautéed beef and mushrooms. If you need some more oil, just sprinkle a little bit on the pan. Start stir frying onions, add some salt and spices. Once onions become golden colored, add sour cream and fill the pan with water until onions are fully covered. Let the consistency boil by mixing it frequently. Once onions and sour cream mixture starts boiling, add the mushrooms and beef and mix everything together. Reduce the heat to the low and cover the pan for 30 minutes. Every 8-10 minutes, open the pan and stir the beef sauce.
That's it! Delicious beef stroganoff sauce is ready. You can pick the side dish of your favor, it can be pasta, mashed potatoes or rice. I personally love the beef stroganoff with mashed potatoes and rice. This time I went with cooked rice.

Hope this recipe was helpful. Enjoy your meal!


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cartoon Lips!

Hello Beauties! Today I'd like to present to you very fun tutorial that is very easy to recreate!

This lip art can be also called animated lip art or pop art lip. But I think cartoon lips describe this lip art very well too! It is amazing how animated the lips look, huh? Let's get started! 

1. Start off by applying concealer/foundation all over the lips.
2. Apply the lipliner on the lips and fill the entire lips with it.
3. Outline the shape of the lips using black eyeliner.
4. Using the same liner draw a line in between, where the lips meet. Both on upper and lower lip.
5. Using liquid eyeliner draw little strokes that would resemble little folds/wrinkles of the lips.
6. Last, but not least, using face paint (or if you have a white liquid liner, you can use that too) draw some lines that would artificially make the lips glow.
That's it! Hope you liked today's creative lip art.
"Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not." - Pablo Picasso.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Colorful Subtle Winged Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello beauties! Today I would like to present another makeup tutorial, which will show you how to create soft winged colorful makeup look.

You can recreate this look with any color you want and it is wearable everywhere, everyday! It is perfect for summer, fun, yet very subtle look. Let's get started!

1. Begin by priming your lids.
2. Apply white matte shadow all over the lid up to an eyebrow. Then using matte light beige color define your crease, this will accentuate natural depth of the lid by avoiding the eye/lid look pale.
3. Using angled brush and turquoise(or any other color) eyeshadow draw the outline of the thick wing above your lashline. 
4. Using smaller brush start blending the line outwards, by adding some color if necessary. 
5. Apply white shimmer color within the outlined wing line. 
6. Spray MAC fix+ spray on your brush (you can also use eye drops instead of fix+) and using the same turquoise shadow define the line once again. Using the fix+ spray or eyedrops will turn the eyeshadow into gel-ish consistency, and will make the color appear vibrant and more vivid. Also bring down the wing half way towards the lower lashline. 
7. Apply glitter liner on your lashline and inner half of the lower lashline. If you don't have glitter liner, you can use just any glitter with a glitter glue. If you don't want glitter, then you can use the same technique as in step 6 to create gel eyeshadow consistency, and apply it on the lashline. Line the waterline using white eyeliner.
8. Apply mascara on the lashes. If you want to wear false lashes, I would suggest to pick the natural ones for this look. 

That's it! Have fun recreating this colorful, elegant summer look!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"The Secret" Wall Art - DIY Project

Since I haven't written posts with DIY projects lately, I thought this week I would write one. Moreover, several weeks ago I finished my wall decor project! So, as you guessed, this post will be about creating yet another beautiful wall art piece for your house. Let's get started!
I started off with 4 canvases and just 3 types of acrylic paint: black, white and grey. I wanted this wall art to be classic... in black and white... Thus, i painted all four canvases into black. 

For this wall decor I picked picture of tulips as a background: two tulips connected with each others' leaves. Then I added some glowing effect and couple more paint touches. By the way, I was mixing the grey paint with a drop of black to make it darker, or with a drop of white to make it lighter, depending on what I needed. So here are steps 1-2-3 of the process. 

Initially, I picked such background as the top of the painting would be empty, so I can write down inspirational quote. Once the painting of tulips was done, I thought a lot about the quote that would inspire me every time when I'd look at this wall art... 
Recently, I came across some reviews of the movie "The Secret", which was released in 2006. People would talk how they watch it over and over, every month. Hubby and I decided to watch and see what was so great about it. I must say, we loved it! Right now I will reveal "The Secret" for you exclusively. The Secret is "The Law of Attraction". Now you know it!! The movie is basically about how positive attitude, positive thought, positive behavior and everything positive attracts positive outcome by the law of attraction. And vice versa, negativity attract negative things. This is so true! If you set your mind to only positive things and try to accomplish positive goals, God will certainly grant your wishes for you. I was so impressed by the movie and decided to pick the key points that were mentioned in it as a quote for my wall art. This would be a great reminder for me as well!
Here are the four points I reflected on my wall decor:
1. Be Grateful for what you have. Every morning, every day, every moment be grateful for the family you have, food you are eating, life that you are living. Not everybody has what you have.
2. Expect only the best. Set your mind to the positive outcome and never give up at trying to achieve your goals. Every fail is a lesson, but there is always great things expecting us in the future that God has prepared for us.
3. Visualize dreams come true. This will motivate you to move forward on the path you have chosen and will send positive signals out to universe, so that all positivity will be attracted towards you.
4. Ask, Believe and Receive. God is everything and He definitely grants us the best. 

"The Secret" wall art is complete and now is on the wall of our bedroom. Every time when I look at it and read the words, I feel so blessed and grateful for what God has given me and look forward to live my life beautifully with His guidance.