Doll Transformation Makeup

Hello, my beautiful blog readers!!!  Today I'd like to present to you something extraordinary and experimental, that I've tried to do last week - Doll Makeup Transformation. I just wanted to share with you how makeup can change one's appearance and make them look so fictional.
I decided to show you how you can recreate this look, so that if you might decide to transform yourself into a doll this Halloween, you'll have a reference :).
I apologize for poorer quality pictorial photo, since it was taken using my phone. So, let's get started!

1. After priming the eye lids, using eyeliner pencil extend the eye shape by drawing a line along the upper lash line, bringing it outwards and then connecting with the lower lid, as shown above.
2. Fill in the space with drawn extended eye with white eyeliner or white eyeshadow.
3. Now, imagining the drawn extension as an eye shape, draw a cut crease line on crease all the way above extended lash line.
4. Apply eyeshadows on the lid: white shimmer in the tear duct area, pink in the center lid. Using black matte shade and pencil brush, define the crease line.
5. Blend the crease line using matte brown shadow and highlight browbone area.
6. Now apply black shadow on the outer V of the extended eye shape and bring it towards the lower lid. Blend.
7. Apply eyeliner along the extended upper lashline and stack a couple of false lashes together and glue them starting from the outer corner of the lid.
Once the steps are complete, you should end up with the eyes looking like in the following picture.

To emphasize big eyes, you can complement the look with the big circle lenses and false lower lashes. That's it! The doll transformation look is complete! Hope you like it!

Products used:
1. Urban Decay Primer Potion
2. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on pencil in zero.
3. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk.
4. BH cosmetics 120 color palette
5. NYC liquid liner in black
6. Alash lashes in "Lychee Fantasy" and "Mojito" stacked together. (
7. Lower lashes were custom made by me by cutting natural styled thin lashes :)
8. For face I've used foundation and powder by clinique, bronzer by Essence and blush by SHE stylezone.
9. On the lips I have Essence lip liner in honey bun topped with NYC everlasting blossom gloss. 


  1. WOW Amazing!!!!!!!!

    Ⓧ♡Ⓧ♡ ⒸⓧⒷⓔⓐⓤⓣⓨⒻⓐⓒⓣⓞⓡⓨ

  2. That was simply awesome!
    You look so beautiful, so serene in your makeup.
    I wish you could also share some vampire or gothic Halloween makeup, you will surely look so sexy on them.


    1. Thank you! I will try! Meanwhile you can check out some halloween ideas on my facebook or instagram :)

  3. Eyes look like Anastasia's Shapingas!
    I just read that circle lenses are the beauty secret of Human Barbies and you have proved it in this tutorial!

    Which big eye contact lenses have you used?


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