Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Never be Afraid of Color featuring BH cosmetics 120 color palette 2nd edition

When I first started building my professional makeup kit, the most important criteria for my makeup purchases were quality and affordability. One of my very first purchases was BH cosmetics 120 color palette of 2nd edition. I got this palette, because it had variety of colors, as well as some neutral and earth tone shades. Moreover, it was very affordable. My first impression of the eyeshadow colors was their great pigmentation and easy application. However, looking at some colors, like vivid yellow or bright orange, I had no idea what they could be used for. I would always think that bright colors would make one look ridiculous. I was so wrong.

I started practicing my editorial makeup looks using bright shades from the palette, so I would not use up the ones that I use on my subtle everyday looks. However, while exploring the world of colors I was amazed by how the harmony of few shades can bring the makeup to totally another level. I started looking for inspiration in the nature, combining the colors and falling in love with them over and over. The following look was created being inspired by a peacock feather.

Once I became comfortable with using color, I created some looks that could be worn to special occasions or be matched with the outfits of the day. Here are many shades of blue and green using BH cosmetics color palette eyeshadows. To make the color pop, apply white eyeshadow base on the lids prior to eyeshadow application. I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. 

Lipstick: MAC in Vegas Volt

Pretty dramatic, huh? Despite the vividness, colors can be subtle too! Don't believe me? Here is an example. Creative eyeliner look using bright red eye shadow. To create this look I sprayed my brush with MAC fix+ spray and then picked up some shadow, by creating gel like consistency. Once applied as a liner, shadows dry and stay put for long time. 

Another fun way to wear colors is by incorporating some bling-bling! In the following look I used orange eye shadows from the palette and added some orange glitter to the lid for glamorous eye look. 

You might have seen me already using my BH cosmetics 120 color palette in this blog before. I like this palette a lot and recommend it if you want to experiment with fun looks using all kinds of colors (you can find these at www.bhcosmetics.com). I also wanted to advice those who are building their makeup kits for the first time and pursuing their dreams: you don't have to buy all expensive high end makeup products. However, you would not want to use low quality products on your clients either, since it will ruin your work. Find affordable, good quality products, read reviews on them and start with them. 
Beauties, if you have any questions or requests, do not hesitate to leave a comment, email me or reach me from other social media. Hope this post was helpful. 
Until next time, Stay Blessed!