Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Frizzy Hair Remedy - Agave Oil Healing Treatment Review

Hello my beautiful blog readers! Today I'd like to talk about hair. I'm planning to do more hair posts in the future (sharing my favorite natural hair masks, easy hair-do's and more), let this one be the first one. Few months ago I received Agave Smoothing Trio for the review. Trio includes Smoothing Shampoo, Conditioner and Agave oil healing treatment. As I've mentioned before, I don't recommend products that I don't personally like or believe in them, moreover, i don't bother writing a review about them on my blog. Therefore I decided to use this product for longer time to see its actual effect and then decide whether it is worth posting on my blog. Guess what, this product has made to my favorites list! Let me share my thought and review on it with you all.

My hair is dry and naturally wavy. Lucky you, one might think... Not when the waves are in all different directions though. That makes my hair super frizzy! I almost always air dry my hair, because using a blow dryer makes my hair unmanageable. First product I used from this Trio set was Agave oil healing treatment. I used many anti-frizz products on my hair, but none of them were oil. I was very skeptical about using oil on my hair, since when I tried using coconut oil my hair looked flat and greasy. However, notes on Agave Oil treatment indicate that it could be used on all hair types, both wet or dry. In the picture below, top picture is my hair after the shower, air dried. The bottom one is Agave oil healing treatment applied to it. I used few drops on my fingers and went through my hair. The result amazed me in many ways. Not only my hair became smooth and silky, but also the product added a beautiful healthy glow to my hair. The oil is lightweight, my hair did not feel greasy at all and it did not become oily over time either. So far this is the better than any other anti-frizz products I have used before. I totally recommend it. 

As for smoothing shampoo and conditioner, I also loved using them. Shampoo is creamy, lathers wonderfully (not too much bubbles, but cleans hair well) and smells so good!!! I can feel my hair smoothing out right after washing it with the shampoo. The same applies to conditioner: lightweight, smells heavenly and leaves hair moisturized, smooth and silky. I loved how the conditioner did not weigh my hair down as most other moisturizing conditioners do. After washing hair with both shampoo and conditioner, I apply Agave Oil treatment on my wet hair, let it air dry and use my hair straightener to style it. My hair feels great and looks just like the hair in shampoo ads :). 

You can read more about Agave Oil Products on . These products can be purchased in Sephora. I understand that Shampoo and Conditioner might be expensive to buy on a regular basis, however I would totally recommend purchasing Agave Oil treatment. Small amount goes a long way and the product lasts long. Give it a try and see if it works for you as it did for me.

Hope this review was helpful for you. Until the next time, Stay Blessed!