Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Confessions of a Procrastinator

Hello, beautiful! Welcome back to my blog. It's been over a year since I last wrote on this blog. I have been too busy with life, that I didn't get much time to interact here on this blog with you all.
Today I want to write motivational and inspirational post. If you are feeling uninspired or have a problem of procrastinating, like I do, then carry on reading. It is going to be a long post, but hopefully a useful one.

When I first started this blog in 2013, it started as a hobby of a very busy girl who became stay at home mom to a beautiful baby girl. I used to be busy with work and school all the time, so staying at home I felt like it was a perfect opportunity for me to do what I have tremendous passion for and share it with everyone else. So over the year I shared beauty tutorials, easy recipes and my DIY crafts I had done, as well as opened social accounts, where I connected with more people. Well, as my daughter got older, I got busier with her and just couldn't find enough time to sit down and write a post. Then, I got pregnant again and now I am a mother of another beautiful baby girl, who recently turned 4 months old. Although, I kept sharing pictures of my makeup on my Instagram and Faceboook page, I always wanted to develop my blog and become a successful beauty blogger. However, I kept procrastinating... "Oh, I'll write something tomorrow", "I am too tired now", etc. But, keeping up with my passion wasn't the only thing I procrastinated. Many things I want to do including working out, trying out oil pulling, starting facial massage routine and many other stuff always start tomorrow for me. But unfortunately, when the next day comes, tomorrow becomes still tomorrow and I didn't act today. And I didn't realize how soon 2015 has already been flying by...
Today I opened my blog and looked at the statistics. I was shocked. I was pleasantly surprised and very happy to see that thousands of people visit my blog every month, and that over 200,000 people from all over the world came and read my posts since the beginning of my journey. And guess what, I was so proud that I have started (yes, STARTED, even though didn't keep up with it much, but I started) this journey two years ago. If I didn't, I wouldn't be here, where I became better at my makeup skills by practicing and continuous learning, started teaching and doing makeup for people who reached out to me, got to cooperate with many beauty industries and have thousands of followers all over the world. I still have a long way to go to reach my vision in my head, but I always repeat, "If I can dream it, I can make it so". So, now, YOU, who is reading this, IT IS TIME to act. And later you'll be so happy that you have started TODAY, not tomorrow.
I always had this problem of procrastinating. As I am writing this post, I am thinking "oh yes, i will be doing this and this, and I'll do this and this", but the truth is, I'll probably get caught with being mommy to a baby and a toddler, running errands and so on. I think this is ok, we are all humans. Just make sure to take at least a step towards your goal every day, so that when you go to bed at night, you won't feel guilty for not making TODAY count.
From the years of my "procrastination" experience, I know one thing. As much as I procrastinate, deadlines were always something that pushed me to get the stuff done. I always was ready to exam by the date of exam, paper was submitted on time, even though I haven't slept last two nights trying to finish it. Deadlines work, but only those that are set by others. Others, who are not someone you are comfortable with (example, best friend, spouse etc), because with your close ones you can always get away by saying "I just don't feel like it today".
So here is a solution of procrastination and motivation: let's say you want to start working out. Tell your friend, co-worker or someone else who works out that you also want to start fitness journey and in a month you will follow up with them with the results (you can even arrange this with someone in the gym, like "hey, let's do this for a month and follow up with each other's progress"). There you go, deadline is set. Now, if you procrastinate, you won't have anything to share and no excuses to find, since the other person works out regularly. Once the month passes by, working out will become a habit and you'll feel much better health-wise and energy-wise, so that you will want to continue. Use this method and make all your resolutions/goals/dreams come true.
Today, I want to set a deadline with you all and follow up during this journey on this blog. Feel free to leave a comment and join in together, so we can all follow up with each others' progress. It can be anything, your dream, your goal, your new business, your health, and etc.
Here are few of the things I want to turn into my habit by the end of this year:
- Spiritual growth by praying regularly and continuously
- Health improvement by working out regularly and eating healthy
- Beauty by taking proper care of my skin and body
- Expand a beauty community (blog+channel+social media).
 I will be writing and following up with you all from time to time on how my goals are working and what I have done to make them happen. Feel free to share your progress with me too. Let's make our days productive and let's accomplish something (even if it is going to be a small thing) every day.
I had this idea of writing a blog post for 3 days, every day I felt bad for not doing it yesterday. I am happy that I did TODAY, so TOMORROW I will be working on my goals that I will have to follow up with thousands throughout the year.
Hope this blog post will be that kick of motivation and a solution of not falling back into the loop of procrastination for those of you who struggle just like me. Let's make it work, let's give our 100% and do better.  We all can do this, God willing. Anything is possible.
Stay Blessed, xoxo.