Monday, July 20, 2015

Four Ways to Add Pop of Color to the Eye Makeup Look

Hello, Beautiful People! Sorry for being MIA (i know, nothing new, huh?), this time I was traveling overseas and I'm back with tons of ideas that I want to share with you all. 
Today's topic is going to be about pop of color in an eye makeup look. You might have seen this trend of adding bright color to lower lashline before, but today's post is going to be about different ways to add that pop color so that the eye look could look even more fun and unique. Let's get it started!

1. Well, first and the most common way is just add a color to the lower lashline, by keeping the rest of the makeup neutral. However, let me offer you another twist, make the pop color even more trendy, by making it gradient - ombre! All you have to do is apply lighter shade in the inner half of lower lashline and darker shade in the outer half of the lashline. Just like in the photo below.

2. Another way of adding pop of color is to add the pop color to inner corner of the eye. By the way, the pop color does not have to match in texture, meaning you can use glitter to make the eyes shine bright! Just like the photo below.

Also, did you think that you could add pop color to only neutral looks? No way! Makeup is art, and creativity is limitless. Don't be afraid to make you colorful eye makeup more mesmerizing  by adding contrast pop of color to it. Just like the following photo of the eye look I created few months ago.

3. Next method of adding pop color is going to be the mix of the two above, i.e. add a pop color to your tear ducts and extend it to the lower lashline (you can go half way or all the way to the outer corner of the eye). Here are two examples of this method. You probably have guessed by now that my favorite color to use as pop color is turquoise. I love it though, it is bright, fun and soft at the same time. Don't you agree?

4. The last, but not least, is one of my favorite methods. I love this method, because I think it is elegant and glamorous, adds just the perfect amount of pop to the eye look by making it pretty. All you have to do is add the pop color to the waterline, also you can extend it to tear ducts, but it is up to you. Here are two different color combos I created using this wonderful method.

Again, makeup is another expression of art, the possibilities are limitless. Don't be afraid to experiment with colors and make the process of beautification more fun and interesting. Hope you enjoyed this post. Until next time, stay blessed. XOXO

Edited on 03.21.2016: I loved putting this post together, so I decided to create a live version of it. New video just went live on my channel, perfect for the first day of Spring.