Glitter Winged Eyeliner

Hello Beauties! I'm back with another look that is simple and chic at the same time. It is a classic winged liner with an added sparkle, which makes a look more festive and pretty. Hope you like this idea of adding a little twist to your typical evening makeup and try it yourselves! Let's get it started!

To create this look I used primer all over my lids and using matte brown color which is few shades darker than my skin tone I defined my crease all the way towards the inner corner of my eyes. After blending it out, I applied matte beige on my browbone area. Next I used darker shade of brown and deepened the outer V area of my lids. Lastly I added some shimmery white in the center of my lid.
After I used liquid liner to draw my winged eyeliner and also applied black kohl eyeliner on my waterline. Using glitter glue (I bought mine from Sally's  beauty supply store for 50 cents) and mixing it with glitter, I covered the whole eyeliner with glitter mixture. And that's it. Oh no, wait, I also added mascara and false lashes, as well as a little bit of brown on my lower lashline.

You can pair this look with both bright, nude or dark lip. I decided to pair it with bright pink, but I think I would wear it with a classic red lip for the special occasion. 

That's it for today's post. Hope it was useful and informative for you, my Blogger fam! I'll talk to you in my next post, until then Stay Blessed! XOXO


  1. They look gorgeous! x

    1. thank you so much! sorry for the late reply, my blog notifications were going to my spam :(

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thank you! sorry for the late reply, my blog notifications were going to my spam :( Hope you got to recreate the look and liked it. much love, xoxo


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