Sunday, August 30, 2015

Introducing My First Ever YouTube Tutorial

Hello, beauties! I am so excited to share with you another milestone in my beauty journey - creating YouTube channel and uploading my first video! I wanted to make this post to share the inspiration and the main idea behind the channel I created.

As some of you might know, my beauty journey started few years ago after I  became stay at home mom to my daughter and started sharing my knowledge on my blog and social media. Within a couple of years I had pleasure of doing makeup to many beautiful women, whose excitement and facial expressions after seeing themselves in mirror made me feel super happy! Especially when I received texts saying how many compliments they got about their makeup, or how pretty they feel, I felt like makeup was a great tool of mine to help empower other women through accentuating their beautiful features. Fast forward almost a year, when I had my first ever client who wanted me to TEACH how to apply makeup by herself. I was happy to share my knowledge and we spend two hours learning how to use makeup to enhance her beauty and conceal minor impurities of her skin. Once the class was over, this pretty doll started to send me her selfies almost every day to show her progress or share new product she bought and used on her face. I was so glad to see how happy she was to be able to do her own makeup. And that moment it hit me, I understood my true passion. My passion was not just doing makeup, but empowering women by educating them how to do it. Indeed, when I did makeup to ladies they were happy to get a makeover for the special occasion, but whenever I taught somebody a makeup class it was always followed with many pictures of progress and most importantly, boost of self-confidence. I got notes saying how little tips and tricks helped them conceal their insecurities and feel more confident. I felt blessed and grateful to have skills that could make these all happen.
Makeup is a science and it requires constant learning and practice to excel the skills. I started visiting workshops of famous makeup artists and took some classes to learn different techniques and expand my knowledge. I noticed how every artist had "their way" of doing things which they discovered in their makeup experience and worked best for them. Some of the tricks seemed easy for me, whereas some I thought were unnecessary. However, once again, it shows how makeup skills come with practice and time, i.e. you learn what method/product/tool works best for you or more convenient to achieve certain look.
Once I felt more confident in my knowledge and experience in makeup, I decided to do a makeup workshop. During makeup workshops instructor usually demonstrates his/her techniques on model by creating a couple of different looks. But I had so much to share, and few hours of workshop would not be enough. So I thought, why not try to make videos on youtube and start posting all my knowledge, one technique at a time? Even though filming and editing is a whole new science for me, I did film my first video and posted it on my channel literally right before writing this blog post.
My main idea behind this beauty channel is to make videos that are simple, easy, informative and educational for broad audience, including those who just starting to learn how to do makeup or those who already do makeup professionally. With every video I will try to cover more makeup topics, which with practice and invested time can help any aspiring artist to succeed and excel their skills. Also, I will try to make them simple, or show easier ways for those who are learning to do makeup just for themselves.  Well, you already know my name consists of two parts: Beautify and Creatify (this is not even a word, I came up with it, since there is no limit to creativity), so my passion for creativity will probably throw some  extra ordinary videos too (once I get a hang of this filming and editing... NOT EASY, i must say....).
Please, join me in this journey and let's share our knowledge, tips and tricks, grow together and empower each other. Subscribe, like and share your thoughts about my videos, send your requests and suggestions. Thank you very much for all of your love and continuous support.

Stay Blessed,