Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Three Different Ways to Cover Acne Using Makeup (video tutorial)

Hello Beauties! Today I want to share with you a video tutorial that shows you how to cover acne, blemishes and scars in three different ways. Please watch the video and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I tried to make a video short and informative, but there are lots of things I would like to explain more, which I'll be doing in this particular blog post.
First of all, I'd like to share with you my acne story. My face started to break out when I was 12 years old and it got really bad for the next five years. I tried all the methods and masks, that were supposedly help get rid of acne. However, it was just the matter of age. So, if you are reading this and you are in your teenage years, my advice is just let acne "run its course". Of course, keep your skin clean, moisturize, exfoliate, but there is really nothing you can do to completely get rid of acne when you are in the process of many hormonal changes. The same applies to pregnant women, because pregnancy and child birth might trigger acne due to hormonal changes women go through.
Between ages of 18-22, my skin started to get a lot better. I would get few blemishes here and there, but it would be gone shortly after. However, when I went to graduate school, all the stress and pressure caused my skin get really bad. Growing up my family always ate very healthy, so I always tried to eat healthy no matter what. Since my father always said, "make sure whatever you eat is good for your body, because overall health depends a lot on the food you eat". But all the stress and pressure of constant deadlines, numerous projects and almost no time to sleep made me suffer from adult acne, which was very hard to control and it seemed to get worse day by day. Needless to say, I had to see a dermatologist, who in turn prescribed hormonal pills which I took for about 6 months. Medicine worked magically and I didn't have any severe side effects besides dry skin. Well, during that period my studies became a lot easier (or maybe I got the hang of managing them well?) and I could finally enjoy having clear skin. To this day, I still get acne once in a while and when I do, I cover it up with makeup! Easy as it sounds. However, since I am quite experienced problematic skin owner, here are few suggestions that you might find helpful if you are fighting acne:
- HEALTHY EATING. It all starts from within. I cannot stretch enough how healthy eating affects your skin. If your skin suffers from acne, but you eat junk food most of the time, I would definitely try the method of "cutting off bad eating habits". I'm sure it will help to reduce blemishes or even maybe clear the entire skin. Same message goes for smoking. Smoking is bad for your skin, stop it.
- SKIN CARE. Take care of your skin, make sure you clean and moisturize it every day (especially at night), exfoliate once or twice a week, nourish with different masks. Good skin care ritual significantly reduces appearance of blemishes. I hear lot of people say, "I always take a good care of my skin, but acne is still there, so it is not that important". However, it is. Because once acne goes away, big pores, scars and skin pigmentation is left behind. Your skin care is important to minimize those unwanted side effects.
- SAY "NO" TO STRESS. Try to stay positive. Try to find happiness in small little things. Distract yourself from problems. Take a refreshing walk, watch your favorite movie, eat your favorite desert. Just know that life is beautiful with its ups and downs. Enjoy it, learn, live, love and laugh every day.
- OBSERVE. Observe the "habit" of the appearance of acne on your skin. Is it triggered by hormonal changes or a week of "cheat meals"? Maybe it appeared more after certain makeup/lotion/product application on your skin? Does healthy eating makes acne less? Do masks change the appearance of your skin? Combine all the factors and it can help you somewhat control your skin.
- BE PATIENT. As I said before, if you are teenager or someone who is going through hormonal changes, wait till your skin comes back to normal again. It might even take years. Just make sure you keep following good skin care routine. Well, if you are suffering from adult acne, try the methods above, if none seem to be helping at all, don't be afraid to ask help from dermatologist. Acne might be a sign of some internal problems that need special medical attention.

Thankfully, there is always makeup that can help us make the acne disappear within minutes. Watch the video in this post, where I showed three different ways to cover acne and another small bonus tip.

Hope you beauties enjoyed todays post and found it helpful. Feel free to leave me your questions, share your thoughts and suggestions.