Friday, October 30, 2015

Easy Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Happy Halloween, Beauties!
October is almost over and Halloween is here, but you still can't decide what costume to wear? I hope this post can be helpful and useful for you.
I put together easy and cute last minute Halloween costume ideas and moreover, I made a video tutorial for each and every one of those. So, you can recreate them right away!
Ok, let's get started. I was asked to do cute and easy costume tutorials, specifically referring to some pictures. I did my best to recreate them and explain the steps for you guys in the following video tutorial.

The first look is Kitty Cat makeup! What can be cuter than dressing up as cat, meow! I wanted to make this look not only cute, but also glamorous and eye catching. I mostly concentrated on heavy highlighting and contouring, as well as bold eyeliner, which is winged from both outer and inner corners of the eyes. Of course, bold and dramatic false lashes are the must in this look. Simple, yet very pretty look, in my opinion. Pair it with black outfit and DIY ears (I used felt, glued to headband and painted with acrylic paint, since I did not have a black felt at that moment; You can also use cardboard with the same method and create ears). 

The second look turned out to be my favorite! This photo was used as a reference photo and I hope you guys could learn how to achieve this look from my video tutorial. You absolutely do not need to have bold liner on the eyes, just small wing would suffice. However, dramatic false lashes would actually make a big difference in the look. Ears for this look were made the same way as kitty ears, felt+glue+headband+acrylic paint. White fur effect within the ears are cotton ball glued to the inner part of ears. Pair this with light brown outfit and you are Bambi!

The third look is a Leopard look and you can turn it to tiger by simply changing the pattern spots you'd draw on your face. This look was inspired by this photo.  Pair it with leopard print outfit or just a black/brown outfit and accessory with a leopard print and the costume is ready!

The next costume I want to show you is the Masquerade Mask. No, it's not actual masquerade mask, it is a makeup drawn on the face as a masquerade mask. I love this idea, i personally think it is very elegant and beautiful look. Pair it with smokey eyes, red lips and a little black dress and I'm sure you'll be turning heads as you walk by. 

There are tons of gorgeous masquerade masks, if you search online. Choose the one that you like and try to recreate it on your face, if you can. If you feel it is difficult for you, you can use craft pattern stencils or even lace to draw various patterns on your face and create a masquerade mask. Or, you can also just print your favorite mask, cut the edges or main design and put it up on your face and use it as a stencil. Hope these directions are making sense. Here is a video of how I created Masquerade mask makeup inspired by this piece:

You can add so many extra details to the mask: rhinestones, glitter, actual lace, feathers, leaves, colors and etc.

I hope this post was helpful for you, pretty people who are reading this. Thank you for taking time to visit my blog. Until next time, Stay Blessed! xoxo