Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Maleficent

Hey there! Last year when the movie "The Maleficent" was out and being promoted everywhere, I fell in love with the new appearance of Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) in the movie and HAD to recreate it. Since it is October and Halloween is near, i thought I'll share my look with you for costume inspiration.
Yes, the right half is me. I used just what I had available for me, which was NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk for painting my face white and ELF gel eyeliner to draw part of a headpiece on my face. Also created simple smokey eye, paired with red lips and contoured my face with grey eyeshadow. Then I inserted my face to the other half of Angelina's, so the horns are hers. However, I want to share an easy way to make them. 
Take a foil (i used aluminum foil recently to make it for someone) and shape Maleficent horns. Then you can use duct tape to tape the horns and make them look just like the ones above (i learned this from Glam&Gore). You can glue them on a headband and wear it on top of black hat. You can add the details of headpiece using gel liner and drawing it on skin, that way you can also make it look like you have smaller, i. e. narrower forehead, which makes cheekbones really show. Let me close up for you, shall I?

See how I drew with black gel liner all the way towards the ears and left the highest points of the cheeks? This was done to help to get that strong cheekbones and more structured facial features. I loved how it turned out, honestly. Even more than my Maleficent lip art which I created using BH Cosmetics eyeshadows and the available black eyeliner for me at that time. What, you want to see it too? It was inspired by Depechegurl on Instagram and it is derived from classic version of the Maleficent.

Do you like it? Hope you do! And I also hope you find this post useful and helpful.
Until next time, Stay Blessed! xoxo