Wednesday, December 9, 2015

All About Glitter: How to Apply, Clean Up and Remove

Hi lovelies! I hope the holiday season has started off well for you. For me when I visualize holiday season, I see bright colors and LOTS of sparkle! Maybe that's why glitter is associated with holidays and we tend to do sparkly looks in this period? Anyways, if you are planning to create glitter look for the holidays or you just like to incorporate glitter in your makeup, you might find this post useful. Since it is going to cover everything about glitter, including the ways to apply, easy clean up of the fall outs, as well as safe removal. Let's get started!

First of all, use only cosmetic glitter as oppose to craft glitter when incorporating glitter in your makeup looks. Craft glitter is usually designed to have edges (like small hexagon particles, and such) and often made of the material/dyes that are not safe to use on the delicate eye area. Also, you don't want to risk getting craft glitter in your eyes, which might cause eye irritation and scratches of the eyeballs. Better be safe, than sorry. 
Okay, now let's talk about ways to apply glitter. You can use special glitter glues, liquid adhesives, or even lash glue to stick the glitter on your lids. Also, you can apply glitter with setting sprays, like MAC fix+. To prevent fall outs, you might want to create paste of glue and glitter mix on the separate palette, or you can use special shield tools under the eyes (or even hold a tissue). I personally use flat craft brushes to work with glitter, since they are easier to clean up afterwards. However, you can use any flat brush, preferably in smaller sizes. 

Once you applied the glitter and have fallouts, you can clean them up with makeup remover wipes, but if you already have you face makeup on, then use fluffy brushes to swipe the glitter off the skin. However, I hate ruining my fluffy brushes, since glitter gets into the bristles, and it takes forever to clean up. So my best trick is using TAPE! Yes, just regular tape. It picks up ALL glitter particles in no time, and the best part is, it doesn't ruin the face makeup.
To remove glitter, I soak my cotton pads with makeup remover generously, hold it agains my lids for 30 seconds and gently wipe away glitter. Make sure to use clean side of cotton wipe every time, so that small glitter particles won't get into the eyes. 
This is everything you actually need to know to safely and easily work with glitter. But wait, what can be better than actual demonstration of everything I typed above? Here you go guys, if you are visual person, this video includes whole glitter application, clean up and removal demonstration. Hope you enjoy. 

Hope this post was helpful and useful for you all. Please, feel free to share it, comment and also connect with me on different platforms (all the links to my social media can be found around this post). Until next time, Stay Blessed! XOXO