Saturday, March 19, 2016

Arabic Style Double Cut Crease Look + Motives Gem Sparkles Review

Hello Beauties, hope you are doing well! Today I want to share with you a beautiful look which has so many names! Some call it negative space cut crease, some call it double cut crease, some say it's Arabic cut crease, so I went ahead and combined the two: Arabic Style Double Cut Crease Look. I've seen how this particular look has been trending on social media outlets, mainly Instagram, and I actually saw this look first at Tamanna Roashan's Instagram page (@DressYourFace). I always wanted to recreate it, but once I did, I remembered, 3 years ago I already posted this makeup style with steps on my blog, under the name Inverse Cut Crease. I am NOT saying I invented this look, but it felt kind of cool that I was ahead of trends, first with my eyebrow filling tutorials, then ombre lip ideas and now this cut crease! Can I say I'm a trendsetter? No? Ok...
Well, here is how the double cut crease look turned out:

I filmed a tutorial of creating this whole look, for which I mostly used one of my favorite brand of products -  Motives Cosmetics. The reason I share some of my tutorials here on my blog is that, I might not be able to fit all my impressions in the video, since it would be hours long, or as I continue using the products I have more information to tell about them from the experience. This time it's the latter. Before I move on to the product I want to talk about, here is a video tutorial for those who's interested. Make sure to subscribe to my channel, so you'll be the first to know about my new videos. 

If you watched a tutorial, you probably seen that Motives Cosmetics recently released Gem Sparkles in collaboration with Aurora Gonzalez Bravo (a.k.a. Auroramakeup), which come in three shades. It was my first time trying them out in my tutorial and I used Citrine, which is a gold gem sparkle. Since then, these sparkles have been my favorite to reach out whenever I want to add a little sparkle to my makeup looks. I love glitter and bling, however when I have glitter makeup on my lids feel heavy and I start making myself anxious by thinking that it will make my already hooded lids worse! These sparkles on the other hand add the perfect bling effect to the look and feel very lightweight. The reason, in my opinion, is that the sparkles are actually the finest glitter mixed with some shimmer pigment, or it might actually be just the super finest glitter as it claims to be, but I love the texture of it. And since the texture is so fine, the sparkles reflect light from all the angles, making them even more shiny and beautiful.

I find these to be so comfortable to use on tear ducts or lower lashline, the areas which standard cosmetic glitter would bother me to wear for a long time. Also, I love how easy it is to clean up the fall outs, because of its fine texture - just brush it off. By the way, I use glitter glue or MAC fix+ to apply it on my lids. 

And that's it for today's blog post. Connect with me on all of my social media and show your support by subscribing to my Youtube channel. All the links can be found on the home page of this blog. I'll talk to you in my next post. Until then, Stay Blessed. xoxo