Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Luxie Brushes - Review and Product Photography

Hi beauties! I'm back with a new blog post. Today's post is going to be a review on Luxie Beauty brushes. I haven't done reviews in a while, so I thought since I have some "killa" photos, why not share and let you guys know my opinion on these.

Let me begin with a little background story. As some of you already know I was lucky enough to attend Generation Beauty in LA earlier this year. While I was walking around booths of brands, I came across Luxie's booth with a model car on set and @Jadeydwadey180 demonstrating some techniques on the model. I stood there watching her when I noticed a petite lady smiling and standing behind the booth. I went up to her and started conversation. She was so sweet, she talked about the brand, about social media influence these days and how to promote oneself as a brand in this digital world. Once we chatted I asked if I could have her contact information, and she goes "You are lucky today. I am the CEO of Luxie Beauty". I was so shocked. This lady was so humble, helpful and had all the attributes only true leaders possess. I felt inspired. I understood why the brand was successful. It is because of the wonderful team that works really hard to make it the best they can. That day I was gifted two sets of Luxie brushes, one is face brushes set and the other is eye brushes set. I have never used these brushes before, but now, I've been reaching to these every time i do my makeup (especially the eye brushes). 

The face brushes are the ones you see in the photo above. I don't think I even need to talk about how gorgeous the brushes look. They look so luxurious and feel amazingly soft. I really like flat top kabuki brush #530 for buffing technique when I contour and highlight (you can watch my technique here). Also I have been loving the precision angled contour #650 to contour my face. However, my favorite so far is pro precision tapered brush #640. First I thought it was too long and too soft to be useful for anything, but I changed my mind after I applied the highlight on my face. It makes my highlighter look so subtle and natural, which I wasn't able to achieve with any other brush yet. Unfortunately, I have not been reaching to pointed kabuki in #536 much. I think I used it once to set my under eye concealer, but I normally do it with beauty blender than with a brush, so that brush is still waiting to be tested out more. The same goes to precision face brush in #680, I just don't necessarily use this shape and style to apply anything on my face. Let's move on to the eye brushes, shall we?

I am IN LOVE with the eye brushes. I love how they offer variety of blending brushes, like small blending brush, bigger and a precise one (205, 227, 229), it was just what I always wanted to have in a set! They pick up eyeshadows well and blend beautifully. They don't pull the skin on my lids and bristles feel gentle. I like the other eye brushes from the set as well, but not as much as I love the blending ones. I even did a photoshoot with these with splash pigment effects, which took me HOURS before I could get a perfect shot captured. How do you guys like the outcome? I'm still working on my product photography skills, but to be honest, I'm very proud of myself when I look at these shots, especially knowing they were created with an old, basic photo camera.

When it comes to cleaning the brushes, both face and eye brushes didn't shed a single hair so far, which happens very often with many brushes. So definitely thumbs up!

Overall, I totally recommend these brushes, especially the eye blending brushes. I am happy that the there is a brand, not only with high quality products, but also wonderful a team behind trying to serve their best to customers. I was not sponsored or asked to do the review, thus it is my honest opinion. As I always say, only the best products I love deserve my time to sit down and write pages and pages of detailed review. I'll see you in my next post. Untill then, Stay Blessed! xoxo