Spring/Summer Skincare Routine + Derma E Review

Hello Beauties!!! I received an email a few weeks ago to write a post about my Springtime skin care routine. Well, if you follow me on Snapchat, you already know I am a big skincare geek (if you don't, add me: delia_bc). I always try out new products, give my extended review throughout the weeks and share my favorites all the time. Today I decided to write about my Spring/Summer skin care routine and also review few of the items that I am currently using. It is going to be one long post, so buckle up.

Ok, let me start with my skin type. My skin is normal to dry,  sort of combination, sensitive, acne prone and very "opinionated", haha! I might think some products are great, smooth and easy to work with, and my skin would disagree in matter of hours... My spring and summer skin care routines don't differ much, because I live in Texas and there is not much difference between the two seasons. However, the difference between my Winter and Spring skincare routines is that I use less heavy products in Spring/Summer. In winter my skin is more dry, so I use many oils and rich moisturizers to keep my skin hydrated. For example, argan oil and Cetaphil moisturizer were my best friends last season. 
If you follow me on my Youtube journey (if not, go subscribe now, you're missing out!!), you have seen how my skin became worse and worse with every video and now it's getting better gradually. I made a decision last year to switch to organic skincare and purchased a fully organic set with serum, moisturizer and eye cream. When my skin was breaking out, I blamed it on everything, but the products I got, because I thought what harm 100% organic stuff can do? Well, the moment I stopped using it, it got immediately better. So, lesson is learned, not all organic things are compatible with every skin.
When I went to Generation Beauty this year, I met with Derma E representatives (who were the sweetest people ever!) and I was chosen to be one of many beauty bloggers to receive their GenBeauty Blogger package with different skin care products. Derma E is an organic skin care line that carries products targeting different skin conditions, textures and types. I have been using the products for over a month now and I feel confident to share my thoughts on these, along with other my all time favorites. As usual I'd like to say that this post is not sponsored and all the reviews reflect my honest opinion. Soooo, let's actually begin my skincare routine. 
My nighttime skincare routine is the longest and involves the most products. I will write about it first in the respective order.
1. I take off my makeup. I don't use wipes to take off my makeup, because no matter what, I can not take off my makeup without pulling my skin with any makeup wipes and no one wants premature wrinkles. So I use cotton pad and eye makeup remover from Target's up&up brand to gently remove my eye makeup. Believe me, I've tried all kinds of eye makeup removers, Clinique's has to be my favorite from high end makeup and Up&Up's is the best among drugstore brands. For face makeup, I lightly wash off my makeup with my Cetaphil cleanser and then I use Clarisonic brush to remove my makeup with either Philosophy cleanser or Derma E Purifying Gel Cleanser pictured below. I have owned a Clarisonic brush for 3 years now and have been using it only 2-3 times a week, because I thought vibrating brush bristles would be damaging to my skin. However, I met with a friend, who have been an aesthetician for over a decade now, who replied to my skin worsening concerns with simple: "Exfoliate". I answered that I do exfoliate every week, to which she answered "More. You need to exfoliate more often". In fact, after watching this video I learned that acne is caused by clogged pores trapped with dead skin and oil. So just washing the face with cleanser is definitely not enough. Since then, I've been using my Clarisonic brush daily, as well as Derma E Purifying Detox Scrub every other day. The scrub is gentle enough to be used on a daily basis, but on the days when I use Charcoal Mask or other deep cleaning/exfoliating masks, I skip the scrub. I like the gel cleanser too, it does it's job wonderfully, especially with my Clarisonic brush. However, my favorite product from the photo below has to be Purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask. This is my second tube and I'm officially obsessed with it. It is gentle enough on my sensitive skin, yet cleans my pores and leaves the skin so smooth. Definitely a thumbs up from me for all these three products and also, I feel good knowing that I am putting organic and natural ingredients on my skin. 

I quickly want to talk about this makeup remover. To be honest, it is not strong enough to remove my glam on glam makeup. It might work better for you if you aren't used to put much makeup on. However, I found a perfect use for it too. When I apply makeup and mess up the liner, or have ton of eyeshadow fallouts, I use makeup remover to clean my face. Well, when I used my regular makeup remover, I had to go over with wet towel or even little bit of cleanser to remove all the oil and sticky feeling from my face. However, this one has been so easy to use for this purpose and doesn't leave residue on my skin after wiping it off. Makes my makeup application a lot easier, thus it took it's honorable place on my vanity.

2. Toner. As you probably guessed from step 1, I make sure that my skin is squeaky clean from all the makeup and residue, so toner definitely comes in handy to restore the PH balance of my skin. I spray Derma E Purifying Toner Mist all over my skin and it instantly refreshes it. On the days when I have break outs, I use toners with glycolic acid, namely Glow toner by Pixi, to help with the blemishes and skin texture.

3. Oils/Serum. Next I replenish the natural oils of my skin that I washed off with oils and serums. I apply the thinnest consistency first, and then make my way towards thicker product. I start with Derma E purifying youth serum. This serum is so lightweight and you don't need much of it to cover the entire face. I like that little product goes a long way, since the serums tend to be more expensive as a concentrated substances and this feature is definitely a win. As for the formula, I don't want to be someone who hypes every single product, but honestly I've been really enjoying using it.

Then I apply The Revitalizer by Biossance which is weightless and nourishing product that moisturizes my skin. I love it and have been using it every single day for almost a year now. I also like to add few drops to my foundation on the days when my skin feels dry, and my foundation applies very smoothly and feels hydrating. It is truly an amazing product.

While I am at it, I apply Pur~lisse Blue Lotus eye serum around my eye area. At first I used to feel tingling sensation when I first started using this product. It is gone now. However, it is still very moisturizing, gentle and works well. (The photography of the serum is kind of symbolic, like it claims to reduce wrinkles and brighten the skin, so the foil is wrinkly before and serum reduced, uhmmm, vanished all of the wrinkles after. It doesn't work like this in real life though, it is just a makeup photography concept. Still, it is a good product.)

4. Moisturize. Next step is moisturizing skin. I've been very curious about Korean skincare products and this product by Belif is one of them. I really like its consistency. It is gel-like substance, applies easily, very hydrating and smells amazing. It also creates a perfect base for the makeup too, but I like to use it at nighttime.

For my eye area I use Firming DMAE eye lift moisturizer. It is thicker, but smooth enough to apply on gentle eye area. I also like to apply whatever is left on my fingers on my laugh lines. 

For the lips I either use Jouer lip enhancer or Skinfix lip repair depending on a condition of my lips. If it is after many swatches of lipsticks and my lips are hurt, I use Skinfix repair balm. It is thick and restores my lips fast. If it is just a regular makeup/no makeup day, then Jouer one is also a perfect choice to moisturize the lips. 

Last, but not least, I use Skinfix hand creme to moisturize my hands. I love this product very much, always leaves my hands so soft and the skin feels silky.

And that's it. Then I go to bed. I know, it seems too long and so many products, but I don't use much of each. Just a tiny amount is sufficient to provide nourishment to the skin.

As for my morning routine, it is really simple. Since my skin still has leftover skincare products in the morning, I just wash it off with water and spray my toner to refresh it. If my skin feels dry, I apply Philosophy hope in a jar moisturizer. It is moisturizes well, as well as lightweight and fast absorbing. If my skin feels fine, I skip the moisturizer and just apply sunscreen. I've been using La Roche Posay sunscreen these days and I love it!!! It is the best sunscreen I've ever used so far.

That's it for my daily skin care routines for Spring and Summer. Besides using the Derma E charcoal mask mentioned above once a week, I also use microdermabrasion products once a week to deeply exfoliate my skin. I interchange between Philosophy set pictured below or Derma E microdermabrasion scrub. However, once it is over, I think I will lean toward Derma E one to repurchase. 

Before the special events, Overnight peel comes in handy!

If you follow me on snapchat (i told you, you have to add me), you have seen my review on Glamglow mask for months. At first I thought it didn't do anything to my skin, so with an advice from Youtube community I purchased Aztec bentonite clay mask. Oh my God, it is the most difficult mask to remove, very uncomfortable while waiting for it to dry and just was too harsh on my skin. However, it left my skin soooo smooth and products absorb so much faster after using it. I think for my particular case, I'll repurchase GlamGlow mask even if it is super expensive (I used up mud mask in white packaging), because I feel like the Aztec one not really suitable for my skin type. I also use Laneige hydrating overnight water mask once a week. It is simply amazing. 
Okay beautiful people, if you made it this far reading the post, you are the real mvp! It is 2 am in the morning, and I'm so happy I finally got to write it all down for you. I hope this post was useful. Let me know in the comments any requests or questions you have. Also, connect with me on my social media outlets and subscribe to my channel. 
I'll talk to you in my next post. Until then, Stay blessed! xoxo


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