Monday, August 15, 2016

Japonesque Velvet Touch Eyeshadow and Velvet Touch Face Palettes

Hi beauties! Hope all is well with you! I'm excited to share with you today's blog post, which will be about Japonesque new Velvet Touch Eyeshadow and Face Palettes. I have never tried Japonesque products before, but have heard a lot of great reviews about the brand, so I was so curious to try out the palettes. These palettes will be available in the last week of August. I was reached out by Japonesque representative, who asked if I'll be interested in trying them out before the official launch date. I couldn't miss the opportunity and responded immediately with "YES, PLEASE!" 
When I got my hands on palettes, first thing that drew my attention was high quality packaging. Their magnetic palettes were sturdy and convenient, eyeshadows are well secured and seem safe from shattering. After swatching the palettes, I was very impressed with the quality of products, so I decided to sit down and film my whole experience, by sharing my first impression review, demonstrating each shade and creating a look using the palettes. I was not asked to do the video or the review, nor was paid or sponsored to write this post, thus the review reflects my honest opinion.
Let's begin!

Before I continue, I recommend you to watch my video, where I swatch, try out the palettes and share my thoughts on these two products.

If you watched the video, you may have realized that I really liked the eyeshadow palette. The color selection, the texture, application, blending and color payoff was simply excellent. As I predicted in the video, it has been my favorite go to palette since I filmed the tutorial above. I mean, just look at these color transitions, pigmentation and beautiful shades:


As for the face palette, I wasn't as enthusiastic about it as I was about the eyeshadow palette, since I feel like the Eyeshadow palette set the bar too high. The formula of the face palette was little more powdery compared to Eyeshadow palette (which is formulated to be smoother for minimal fallout during application), however the pigmentation was amazing. I had to tone each product down to make it look less dramatic. I feel like the face palette might last me the ages. :) This palette is a great choice for people with light to medium skin tones, since the selection of colors is not as suitable for darker skin tones. However with popular blush shades, universal bronzing color and highly pigmented highlighter, this palette can easily make your facial features stand out. 

I chose to do a cut crease look with the palette, since I wanted to use as many colors as possible. I think I might even have used the whole palette to create the eye look. With so many color combos, it's always best to go with toned down color (e.g. nudes) for the lips. I chose little darker nude color, which would be similar to my crease color, and it is BeautiFULL lips lipstick in Express Toast by Beauty Addicts Cosmetics. I think it was a good choice, don't you agree?

And this wraps up my first impression review, demo, swatch and tutorial post featuring new Japonesque Velvet touch eyeshadow and velvet touch face palettes. I hope you enjoyed reading it. Also don't forget to connect with me on my other social media outlets, where I update on a daily basis. I'll talk to you in my next post. Until then, Stay Blesse! xoxo