Friday, April 7, 2017

Pixi Beauty #Pixipretties Collection

Hi lovelies! I've been wanting to write this post for a while now, but I wanted to make sure that I test all the products well and write a thorough, honest review, which is going to be straight to the point and easy for you to decide if you want this product or not.
From the title you have probably guessed that this post is going to be about Pixi by Petra "Pixi Pretties" collaboration with some of the biggest beauty influencers: Maryam Maquillage, ItsJudytime, Aspyn Ovard and Caroline Hirons. I was blessed to attend Generation Beauty in LA this year too, where I met Pixi beauty team, who sent me the whole #pixipretties collection few months ago. I filmed my first impression review by demonstrating each product, which you can watch here:

Now, I had an opportunity to use and test products for few months now and here are my thoughts about each and every one of them. Let's start with ItsJudytime collaboration. 
ItsJudyTime x Pixi: ItsEyeTime & ItsLipTime

ItsEyeTime Palette:

PROS: It is a beautiful palette with mostly warm toned shadows, which are highly pigmented and easy to work with. It is easily became one of the most reached to palettes when I added it in my makeup kit. I love how you can create range of natural and more dramatic looks with it. And for the price ($24), you get relatively bigger eyeshadow pans which are of a great quality and it is totally worth the investment. Shadows blend so easily with minimal to no fall outs.

CONS: Well, if your transition color happens to be cool matte brown (like mine, which I use with almost every look), then you won't find it in this palette. In fact, you won't find many cool tones in the palette, as well as matte skin tone shades that I mostly use for the brow bone highlighting. The lightest shimmer does not seem to have enough pigmentation in shimmer aspect, compared to darker shimmer shades (especially, the gold shade is super pigmented and gorgeous!), yet isn't quite matte enough to be used as matte. Also, the bottom two darkest browns don't show drastic difference to me when applied.

ItsLipTime Palette:

PROS: Great range of colors to dress up any look! 12 gorgeous shades for $24, which makes it $2 for each color. That is a steal! These are not liquid lipsticks, but have a semi-matte finish. Surprisingly, they are so creamy, not drying at all and last quite a long time. LOVE the texture. These colors are great for everyday use or work/school, can be mixed to create custom shade or also, be a great investment for the makeup kit if you are a MUA!

CONS: Mostly nudes (not much room for experimenting with colors), two of which I found really similar to each other. Not enough pink shades to work with, in my opinion. Lightest shade didn't look flattering even on the palest skin tones when I tried it on my clients, but is great to mix with darker colors to create custom shade. I prefer the palette more for the personal use, since I can just quickly apply with my fingers and go about my day.

Maryam Maquillage x Pixi: Strobe&Sculpt, Strobe&Bronze, Strobe&Sculpt Brush


PROS: Pigmentation. Simply Amazing. I love how these include both warm and cool toned contour shades, which are perfect for face sculpting. I find these even better than some of the high end contour kits. And for the price of $20? Yes, please. These palettes work great for medium to darker skin tones.

CONS: Palettes can be greatly used for medium to darker tones. Not so much for lighter skin (except for contour shades). I find these two perform better together, because I keep mixing colors and highlighters from both palettes to create complete look. Good thing these aren't too expensive like other contour kits. 

Dual Sided Brush: 

PROS: Soft bristles, the pointed side is convenient to highlight under eyes. 
CONS: It is mostly personal preference, but I like using bigger brush to contour cheekbones to create seamless shading, and this brush is little smaller for me, but great for precise application. 

Aspyn Ovard x Pixi: Highlighters and a Blush; Eye Accents (Brow tamer and Lower lash mascara)

PROS: OMG, the hyper pigmentation of highlighters? I'm obsessed!!! The color selection is amazing. London Lustre (lighter highlighter) is great for even super pale skin, which makes it difficult for any highlighter to show up. The blush gives out this beautiful golden hue besides a coral shade, giving a cheek a rose gold glow. I also really like that brow gel included in eye accents set is clear, making it universal. Lower lash mascara provides mess free mascara application on lower lashes. 

CONS: The rose gold shimmer tone of a blush might not be favorable to everyone, as most people prefer more natural, matte blush look. Lower lash mascara wasn't buildable enough for my thin sparse lashes and didn't give the finish my usual mascara provides. 

Caroline Hirons x Pixi: Double Cleanse

PROS: I like how it is two steps, first one to melt the make up and second one to clean the face and remove remaining make up. It melts away make up easily and removes it within the first attempt. Kind of reminded me of coconut oil by its performance, but surely won't clog the pores as coconut oil does.  No fragrance. It is gentle enough for my sensitive, acne prone skin and hasn't broke my skin out.

CONS: Step 2 cleansing cream is too thick for my liking and goes away much faster than the oil part. I want my skin feel "squeaky" clean after cleansing, thus I find myself reaching for my foaming cleanser after this.

This is all I have to say about Pixi Pretties collaboration products. My favorites among these products are the palettes, they contain a lot of great quality products for the price they come for. Reach out to me on my social media outlets if you have any further questions, I'd love to answer. Here are few more photos demonstrating performance of the eye, lip and contour palettes:

this look was inspired by Carrie Underwood's Red Carpet look

the cheek highlight on this photo is edited

here is the actual photo of highlighter
You can refer to the video I posted in the beginning of this post for the full tutorial and product placement/details.

Thank you for reading this long post. I'll talk to you very soon. Until then, Stay Blessed, xoxo