Thursday, May 11, 2017

Banish Acne Scars Review | My Acne Scars Battle

Hi lovelies! Today's post is going to be about my battle with post hormonal acne scars and dark spots. Let's get right into it.
When I had my baby hormonal changes in my body really affected my skin. During breastfeeding my daughter and later weaning her off, my skin kept getting horrible hormonal acne. Just a back story for you if you haven't read my acne story, I have a very long history of fighting with acne, and just when I thought I have finally cleared up my skin, adult acne ruins it once again. One habit I'm still fighting is, unfortunately, I can't stand a sight of a pimple, and I feel like whenever I pop it, it goes away faster. Well, it does go away faster, if you pop the pimple the right way (by steaming face, with clean hands), but if not, then it might get infected or leave horrible scars on the skin. Let's say I had few of those moments, when my hands just casually ran through my skin and pulled off a couple of pimples. Few months down the road, here I am on the table of aesthetician/cosmetologist, begging her to do something with my skin, so it would look decent again. Aesthetician's first recommendation was: stop touching the face! That wasn't a surprise for me, but her next recommendation of getting microdermabrasion peelings for the first 6-8 sessions, then doing additional procedures to clear the skin, all of which would sum up to about $1500 was something I did not expect. I thought I'd leave home with bunch of masks and prescription skincare, but unfortunately, I left her office feeling hopeless, since I wouldn't be able to invest so much money to go through all those procedures anytime soon and continued to hid behind makeup.
Until one day, Daisy, creator of Banish Acne Scars reached out to me telling about her skincare line she created specifically to treat acne scars/spots. She offered to send me a starter kit and see how it affects my skin. I gladly accepted her offer, since I had no other options that were making my skin better. And this is what I received: