Sunday, February 17, 2013

Create your own nude lipstick

There is a rule of a face makeup: when you have dark or vivid eye makeup, you should have more neutral lips and the other way around: vivid lip color should be combined with more of a natural makeup look. Lately, it's been a fashion trend to have very colorful and dark eye makeup and nude lips. If you don't have time or money to buy a nude lipstick, or you just couldn't find the nude color that matches you, this blog post is going to be helpful. I'm going to show you how you can create your own nude lipstick. It's very easy!
All of us, ladies, have one lipstick, that is our favorite color and looks good on our lips when applied. Or maybe not even our favorite, still can be a good use for this! Just apply your regular lipstick (preferably rosy-colored, but again, it depends on your skin color, just choose what looks best on you). Now, take a little bit of your concealer or small amount of your foundation and apply over your lipstick using lip brush or a finger (I find that concealer works better than foundation). Even out the color. And VOILA! You have a beautiful nude color on your lips now!
One good thing about this nude color is - it matches your skin tone perfectly, because of the baseline lipstick color. If your baseline lipstick is too dark, you might want to blot your lips with the paper and apply another coat of concealer/foundation until you reach desired nude color. 
If you want matte finish, just blot your lips with a paper. If you want a glossy finish, apply your favorite lip gloss on top of your nude color. Enjoy!
*Update*: Since my natural lips are very pale, I applied a pink lipstick to add some color to the nude color. But if your lips are naturally pink/red, you can skip the lipstick step and just apply concealer/foundation on your lips and finish by applying either lip gloss or lip balm on top.