Thursday, February 28, 2013

"Stormy Night Sky", "Spring" and ombre

Smokey eyes... Beautiful and sophisticated application of different shades, transitioned smoothly one into another... I love creating smokey eyes. But you don't need too many colors to create pretty smokey eye look.
One of my all-time favorites is dramatic smokey eye look using mainly one dark eyeshadow color. Here I am presenting you the make up look I created using black eyeshadow (plus, some gray-ish highlight color). I don't have a step to step pictorial for this look, because it is not difficult to recreate. All you need is to pack eyeshadow  on your upper and lower lid and BLEND! Blend, blend and blend more until you reach soft, gradient blended shade on your lid. Apply highlight on your browbone area and slightly blend in with the dark color. Apply the eyeliner and mascara, and you're done! 
I named this look "Stormy Night Sky", since it is dark, yet mysterious and chic. I did a cat-eye look and then added a twist, by adding winged eyeliner in the inner corner of the eye. You can see and compare both looks below: with inner corner wing and without it. 
You can recreate this look using any dark shadow. My personal favorite is a navy blue. With this look I suggest to wear the nude colored lipstick.

Smokey eyes are never out of fashion. But fashion never stays at one place. Creativity and artistic approach to make up is becoming hot topic these days. One of those approaches is ombre lips. You can create them in different ways and different colors. I'm presenting you below both matte and glossy versions of purple ombre lips I've created. I will soon make a blog post on how to create ombre lips using different tools and techniques. Stay tuned! Until then, enjoy!

Another late night fun with lips. :) Spring lips! I wish I could capture them as sparkly as they were in reality. These little flowers are supposed to be nail art supplies. But whenever I applied them to my nails they just wouldn't stick well and fall off easily. So I thought, these nail art flowers would look good glued on lips using lash(!) glue! Haha! Enjoy the product of my creativity :)