Friday, September 25, 2015

How to Fill In Eyebrows - Updated Video Tutorial

Hello, gorgeous! Welcome back! Today I want to share an updated video tutorial of how to fill in and shape eyebrows in five different ways. This post is the most popular and most read post on my blog, so I thought updated video tutorial might help to visually demonstrate the process and make it more helpful. Well, since my last post many eyebrow products came out in the beauty world, so I tried to cover all the possible methods with different brow products and also the method which doesn't involve any brow product. Hope you enjoy! Please subscribe to my channel, feel free to like, comment and share. It would mean sooo much to me if you could support my new beginnings. Until next post, Stay Blessed. xoxo

Another Update (OCT 2016): in the following video I show 4 different styles of brows: the natural, dramatic, editorial/high fashion and colorful ombre. Once you learned how to fill in the brows, go ahead and pick your style from these: