Wednesday, October 7, 2015

How to Achieve Bigger and Fuller Lips (Kylie Jenner Lips)

Hello Beautiful people! Beauty trends are always very interesting to me, especially as a beauty blogger I feel like I have to keep up with latest news in beauty industry. If you read my blog for a while now, you might remember my post about how to make the lips appear visibly fuller, which I posted more than 2 years ago. Nowadays this trend became one of the most popular beauty tricks once Kylie Jenner said her lips were overlined as oppose to filled with lip injections. Well, she actually did get fillers on her lips to make them bigger and fuller, but how about people who wouldn't want to get fillers, yet want to fake bigger and fuller lips? I have a solution for you! I made a Youtube video about proper over lining the lips and lip contouring technique, that can make your lips appear full and big, while looking very natural. Main tip, make sure to stick to matte shades. 

DISCLAIMER: I over lined my lips a LOT more that i would usually do in reality, in order to demonstrate the technique better. I felt the need to include this statement here, since I've been receiving comments about going overboard with it. I did it on purpose. 
Hope you enjoy watching this tutorial and learn something useful from it. Here is the list of used products:

~Motives lip liner in Mocha:
~Motives Color Perfection Quads:
~Kohl liner in Earth:
~Detailing brush:
~Highlighted with lace side of:

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