Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How To Make Your Lips Look Visibly Fuller

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Today I want to show you a simple trick which you can use to make your lips look full and beautiful instantly. It is very easy and you can shape your lips this way by using just a lip liner and a lipstick, (plus lip gloss, but it is optional). Let's begin!
Start off by applying lip liner around the natural border of your lips. Create smooth and even "outer border" for your lips. However, make sure that you don't go too far with outlining the lips, since it may cause your lips' shape look very fake and inaccurate. Try to stay as close to natural border as possible. Now fill the lips with the lipliner. This will help the lipstick to last longer. Next, apply your lipstick. The last step is optional, which is applying lipgloss. I personally like to apply a lipgloss, since it kind of smooths all the layers of products together and creates one solid shape. I also applied a highlighter to my "cupid's bow" to enhance the shape of my lips.
Below is the pictorial of shaping the lips using the technique described above. As you can see my natural lips are very thin and also very pale, they are not dry in the pictures, they are naturally just that pale. :) In this pictorial I'm using: 1. Essence lipliner in color 04 - "Honey Bun"; 2. Catrice Absolute Moisture lipstick in color 020 - "Caramel Beige"; 3. NYC Lippin' Large lipgloss in color 474 - "Toffe Kiss". Enjoy!

In the pictures below I used relatively higher contrast, so the color of lipstick has changed a little. The actual colors of the products I used are more accurate in pictorial above.