Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Makeup Look Book

Hi Beauties! Today's topic is a compilation of different holiday makeup ideas that can be worn this beautiful holiday season. 
When I visualize holidays I always see lots of bright colors and tons of sparkle. Thus, when I think of holiday makeup look, I can't help doing looks involving glitter. Here is the first makeup idea, neutral colors with pop of gold glitter, combined with bright red ombre lips. All I did was create neutral look, like the one right here, add some glitter on the lid and center of my lower lash line. Lips are done using lipstick and liner technique, which I thoroughly explained about in point 3 here

Next look that I want to share is this 3D look, which was created by applying darker shades on both outer and inner corners of the lid and adding light color in the center. To make this look more holiday glam style, I added a glitter on top of the gold shade in the center of the lid. I think it is very subtle, yet such an elegant look for the holiday events. 

And here is the same look from the angle with the eyes closed. I applied both top and bottom false lashes here, but you totally can skip this step and just use mascara on the lashes. 

Even though for me Gold glitter speaks holidays, you can always opt out for different colored sparkle. Most common alternative would be silver glitter, but if you are willing to experiment, you can always use colorful glitter to create the look. 

And here is the look with light blue toned glitter, reminds me of frost... 

No, you don't have to incorporate glitter in your holiday makeup, you can always achieve the same sparkly festive effect with shimmery shadows. They are subtle enough to not draw too much attention, yet shiny enough for a festive glamorous touch. The following look is an example for holiday makeup with shimmer shades. You can always choose different colored shadows, as well as lip shade. 

If you are not the type of person who likes sparkles or shimmer at all, you still can achieve glamorous makeup look with subtle cut crease and contrast ombre lips. 

However, if you are lover of a bling, here you go, you can step up the makeup game and make the heads turn around with bejeweled makeup, like the one below. 

And this concludes my holiday makeup look book ideas. Hope it inspired you and you found something you like to wear these holidays. Have a wonderful time with your loved ones! Happy Holidays! Until next time, Stay Blessed! xoxo