Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Party Makeup Tutorial

Hello, pretties! I hope New 2016 started off well for you all! What are your resolutions for this year? What do you plan on doing to achieve them?
Today's post is going to be about fun glitter look that I created for holidays. Although I thought I posted about this look, I never did actually. So I thought it's better late than never and decided to share the tutorial and few close up photos. I am sharing it because: 1) it's soooo easy to recreate, 2) it is a very versatile look that can be worn to parties, special occasions, concerts or weddings, 3) it was one of my favorite looks to create! Let's get it started!

I'll put the whole look in simple 3 steps:
1. Define crease with any matte brown shadow or even bronzer. Or, you can even just skip this step!
2. Draw winged liner.
3. Add glitter to inner half of lower lash line and outer half of upper lash line. Getting messy? Even better, you don't need precise lined glitter, just sparkles to shine bright!

After you've done the steps above, you should get something like this: 

No? Then, let's try one more time. How about visual video tutorial? Absolutely! Here you go! By the way, use any colored liner of your choice, be it black, brown, blue, purple... You've got the idea.

A lot better now, huh? I hope you have fun recreating this look. If you do, don't hesitate to share with me! My all social media links are on the blog, just tag me in any platform you post and I'd love to see! I paired this look with hot fiery red for extra festive touch, but you are more than welcome to go with something more subtle. As I said, it is very simple and versatile!

Products used:
~ Tarte gel liner in deep sage (i think it was a limited ed.)
~ Motives eyeshadows in "vanilla" and "love me"
~ Motives eyeshadow from trio
~ Biossance Revitalizer (oil used in the video)
~ Glitter and glitter glue from Sally's beauty supply store

I really hope you guys like this post. Feel free to share and leave your requests/questions/suggestions in the comments. I'll see you next time. Until then, Stay Blessed. XOXO