Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Purple Creativity

Today I want to share few looks from my "creatify" part. Hope you enjoy.

 Purple is one of my favorite colors and for some reason I find myself reaching for it whenever my creativity flows... This look was drawn free-handedly, using black eyeliner and incorporating purples: eyeshadow as a base, glitter as a "centerpiece" and gel liner on the brows.

Another look I've done a while ago for the collaboration and again, including many shades of purple. If I had to incorporate a color from different hues with purple, green would be it. I think these colors complement each other so well, and the end result is always pleasing to the eyes.


Maybe this is why, i chose purple liner for this Mardi Gras inspired look along many shades of green:

And that's concludes creative adventure for today. Really hope for many to come this year. I'll see you next time. Until then, Stay Blessed. xoxo