Quick and Easy Smokey Liner Look

Hello, lovelies! Today I want to share with you something easy and quick to create, yet glamorous enough for any occasion! This look is so versatile, leave the lid matte/beige or blank and skip the falsies, and you've got perfect work/school eye makeup. Add shimmer or even glitter to the lid and it's gorgeous evening look. Well, it's also one of the most popular bridal looks as well! And you'll be amazed on how easy it is to recreate! Let's get it started.

If I ever had to do 5 minute makeup challenge, this is the look I'd go for, most likely. Because, even with sloppy application, you can make this look nice looking neat smokey look. Here is a quick 15 second video tutorial on how to create this look. (If you are missing a plug-in, you can watch it here)

1. Apply winged liner in any shape or form. Doesn't have to be perfect, since we are going to smudge it out anyways.
2. Take black eyeshadow and smudge the borders of the liner by slightly blending out and creating smokey effect. 
3. Soften the blended look by adding light brown and bringing it all the way to define the crease.
4. You can stop here for the daily look and just apply mascara. Or, you can add a lid color of your choice (I chose gold shimmer and used fingers to apply) and add false lashes for more dramatic look.
And that's it! You are done!

I also added liner on my waterline and smoked it out as well, but this step is again, optional. Play around with this look and choose whichever option you'd like. A while ago, I did a quick video tutorial on the day-time version of this look, that you can watch here. As you see, no matter how sloppy the liner is, the end result is still fancy, right?

I hope you liked this post, tutorial and looks. Please feel free to share, connect with me on different platforms and leave a comment! I'll see you next time. Until then, Stay Blessed.


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