Monday, February 22, 2016

New Jouer Liquid Lipstick Swatches + Review

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Hi dolls! Some of you might know that I've had this amazing opportunity of attending Generation Beauty event in LA few weeks ago. During the event I was introduced to the team of many amazing brands and given many products to try out and share my views through my social platforms. 
Well, one particular product I was very excited to try out were Jouer Cosmetics new liquid lipsticks, that are going to be released in early March. I got my hands only on the first 6 shades, that are available for pre-sale, but on the launch date the company promised to have a lot more shades available for purchase. However, I still wanted to put out a review, so whoever is looking into buying them, will have some idea about the formula, wearability, longevity and etc. DISCLAIMER: I was not sponsored, nor asked by Jouer to post this post or a video. Review reflects my honest opinion. 
Let's get started!

The first shade: Creme Brulee, which is a beautiful nude shade. Lipstick glides so smoothly, but you have to apply few layers for this particular color to cover the lips evenly. However, it is still very lightweight. It dries matte and doesn’t transfer, but I noticed how it crumbled around the inner parts of the lips after eating some snacks. It didn’t feel too sticky, but it was a bit drying though. When it comes to removal, it was hard, but possible to take it off with few swipes using makeup wipe.

Here's how the color looked on my lips.

The next color I tried is pamplemousse, which is metallic nude shade. This was my first time ever trying on metallic liquid lipsticks and I was very impressed with this formula. First of all, you don’t need much, it easily covers the whole lip with whatever you can get on the applicator at once. I thought shimmer of the lipstick would transfer anyways, but no, it is very smudge proof. It is not drying or sticky at all, and it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a lipstick. When it comes to removing, it is so difficult to take it off! I literally scrubbed it off of my lips. 

And this is how it looks on the lips: 

Next color is Noisette, which is a beautiful dark brown shade, that flatters the skin tone. Again, it dries matte, doesn’t smudge, and not sticky. Also this particular shade is not drying either. Sometimes when you press the lips together with liquid lipsticks, they become patchy, which is not the case with these lippies at all. I loved this shade. One tip to remove these long lasting, forever glued on the lips products is to use oil based remover or just plain oil. It helps to melt the lipsticks and take it off, otherwise, your lips will be swollen from rubbing with a wipe while trying to take these lipsticks off. 

And here comes the swatch:

this was my hubby's favorite!
Next in line is petale de rose, which is a dark pink shade. The formula and the features are almost the same as noisette. 

Here comes the swatch: 

Next color is praline, another metallic shade with dark pink tone to it. The formula is super similar to the first metallic shade, it applies smoothly and evenly, dries matte and smudge proof and very long-lasting. 

I photographed the lipsticks during a sunset, which gives very soft light. However, I think they still didn't turn out as the way I wanted them to. Anyways, hope I'll be making better product shots in the future. However, I am very pleased with the way my swatches came out. Can you tell I worked hard on creating these images? I really tried, and i hope it shows. Ok, just wanted to let you know.... So, here is the next swatch:

And the last but not least is the fraise bonbon shade, which is a gorgeous bright red color. This particular shade is very rich, pigmented and feels so velvety. Such a royal shade, don't you agree? By the way, if you want to mix the lipsticks, you can do so easily, they mix very well and create variety of unique colors. 

Here comes the swatch. Isn't it sooooo pretty?

That's it, pretties! These are my opinions and thoughts about each and every shade. I wanted to get this post up before their release, and hope it will help those who are looking for some assurance before they spend money on these. If you are tired of looking or scrolling, here is better news. I have a video of swatches and review, which you can watch in action. 

Edit(3/31/16): Per High Request I created a New Video with ALL 16 lip swatches of Jouer Long Wear Lip Cremes, which is now on my channel:

And here are all the swatches for you to zoom in and decide which one to get:

Edit (06/2017): I thought it would be appropriate to include Jouer anniversary collection lip cremes swatches here too. So that all of your choices will be in one place, easy for you to access.

Now, the post is officially done. I'll see you next time. Until then, stay blessed! xoxo