Thursday, February 4, 2016

Soft Pink Valentine's Day Makeup Tutorial

Hello, lovelies! Happy February! We all know the beginning of February is filled with heartwarming excitement about the Valentine's Day. I decided to go ahead and start sharing some Valentine's Day makeup ideas with you all, so that you'd have few options before the special day! I wanted to start with traditional pink shades. I don't know why, but Valentine's day is associated with pink makeup look in the beauty community, so I thought I'll do one, since I don't have any exclusively pink looks on my blog anyway. Let's get it started. 

Here are the steps and detailed pictorial of the process of creation this makeup look:

1. Apply primer all over the lid. Then I used NYX jumbo eye pencil in strawberry milk on the lid area to intensify the color.
2. Using medium brown, blend the shadow to entire upper crease area. 
3. Apply soft pink shade on the mobile lid. The one I'm using is Heiress by Motives Cosmetics. 
4. I highlighted my brow bone and then defined crease line with slightly dark brown shadow. Blend.
5. Apply dark brown eyeliner on the waterline and lower lash line. Slightly smudge the liner on the lower lash line. 
6. Draw winged liner on the upper lash line. 
7. Apply mascara and falsies, if desired. 
And done!!

Since I created the look at night, I took pictures with flash. Here is the shot without the flash, under my bathroom lights, which also shows a touch of a glitter I added right below the crease line for extra sparkle to those who want to take the look a step further. 

If you want to take this look even further, add some hot pink and lots of glitter hearts:

Just kidding! I just wanted to share this editorial style creative makeup I did a while ago for Valentine's Day themed collaboration. 

And that's it. Hope this was helpful for you guys. Don't forget to check out my other social media platforms, as well as Youtube channel! I'll see you on my next post. Until then, Stay Blessed! xoxo