Jouer Rose Gold Spring 2017 Collection

Here I am, once again, with another Jouer collection (*singing like Kelly Clarkson*, *i wish, because I can't sing*, *but no, I meant the music tune, not the voice*, *ok, let's start this post*).
Hello, my beautiful readers! Today's post is about a recent exciting launch from Jouer cosmetics - their Spring 2017 Rose Gold Collection. Before I start, I have an exciting news!! I recently upgraded my camera! Woohoo! I still have a lot to learn about it, but the photo of Jouer's Rose gold collection palette is pretty much the first product shot I took using my new camera, which also reflects in the photo.

 Jouer Rose Gold Spring 2017 collection was launched on April 4th and includes: Springtime in Paris matte and shimmer eyeshadow palette, Highlighter in Rose Gold, Lip creme in Rose Gold and a Lip topper in Rose gold. To those of you who don't like reading through posts or want to see the collection in action, I created a video showcasing each and every product and sharing my first impressions. Hope you enjoy:

Let's start from Springtime in Paris Eyeshadow palette. If you watched a tutorial, you've probably noticed when I was applying shadows on my lid, how parts of it were flying away, as well as creating quite a bit of fall outs. Well, compared to Jouer's Fall Collection Essential Matte and Shimmer Palette, the eyeshadows in this palette were more powdery. I don't want you to think that Springtime in Paris is a chalky palette with tons of fallout. NO. It is a great palette, the pigmentation of eyeshadows is amazing, blending is effortless and the color range is beautiful. It's just me, who has bias towards the other palette they created in the Fall, which is my everyday go to palette now. However, look at these colors, aren't they so beautiful?

Another product from the collection is highlighter. The formula and texture of the highlighter is so buttery, pigmented and smooth, just like the other highlighters from Jouer. However, I thought it would look too dark on me making my skin look dirty or have rosy tone when applied. I was surprised at how beautifully it applied on my skin by giving it a golden shine. It is a beautiful color that flatters many skin tones. 

The highlighter is one of my favorite products from the collection. I love all Jouer products' packaging, but these highlighters just look so chic and luxurious. Also,  I had to take a close up shot to show you the details of this beauty: 

Last but not least, Spring collection comes with a lip creme and lip topper combo, both in Rose Gold. If you read my blog or follow me on other social media outlets, then you know how obsessed I am with Jouer lip cremes. They are long lasting, lightweight, smudge proof, smell amazing and feel great on lips. They take the first place among my liquid lipsticks collection. 
Lip topper is a shiny and sparkly product that specifically formulated to be applied on top of liquid lipsticks. It adds metallic finish to lipstick, while drying to non-sticky finish. Lip topper doesn't mess up the liquid lipstick application on lips, lasts long compared to other glosses and has a lot more shine and shimmer. I wrote a detailed post about Jouer lip cremes here, if you'd like to learn more about their formulation, wear, texture and other features. 

The whole Rose Gold Spring Collection combined was used to create this festival inspired makeup look and I loved how it turned out. Tutorial of this look is in the video above.  

I am a big fan of Jouer cosmetics and in my opinion, they did such an amazing job in creating this collection. Picking rose gold tones was a winning strategy, don't you think? If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to reach out to me on social media outlets, that way you get prompt answer from me. 
Hope this post is useful for you. I'll talk to you in my next one. Until then, Stay Blessed! xoxo


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