Monday, April 1, 2013

Gradient Blue Glitter Makeup Look

Today's beauty post will show you how to create Gradient Glitter Makeup Look. All you need is white glitter and some color matching lighter and darker glitters, for example: light blue and darker blue glitter, as I picked for this look. You can wear this look to any special occasions, nights out and other events. Let's get started!

1. As usual, prime your lids. 
2. Apply dark blue eyeshadow on your crease and blend it out nicely.
3. Now it's glitter time! Glitter is messy, it can get all over your face, therefore first you'll need to apply glitter adhesive/glue on your lids and then pack glitter on. That way glitter won't fall off and will stay on all day long. Apply white glitter in the first 1/3 of your lid starting from the inner corner. Then follow by packing light blue glitter on the center of your lid.
4. Pack dark blue glitter on the outer 1/3 of your lid. 
5. Draw a line using blue eyeliner on your crease, right above the glitter. This will give some additional depth to the eye, as well as even out the glitter sections. Continue by drawing a cat eyed wing on the outer corner of the lid and bring it down towards lower lid. 
6. Apply same eyeliner on your upper lash line and lower waterline. This picture was taken without a flash, in order to show the gradient transition of glitters better. 
7. Apply a highlight on your browbone area. Apply your favorite mascara and fake lashes if desired. 

That's it! The look is complete! Hope you enjoyed this pictorial-tutorial! See you next time!